How To Spot Gothic Girls

The word gothic has totally changed in meaning compared to how it was used in the past. Gothic people, or Goths, were a Germanic tribe that resisted the influx of Christianity in Europe. They eventually turned Christian and turned their back from their traditions and culture; but, of course, this isn’t what goth would mean to if you were to use the word in a conversation today.

These days, the words gothic and goth simply refer to a subculture in the modern mainstream that is predominantly associated with gloomy themes and dark overtones. The derivation of these terms is probably closely related to the so-called Gothic Literature that bloomed in England during the 18th and 19th Centuries. While this is still far divorced from the new definition of goth, in which the stereotype of “emo” bands and self-deprecating teens come to mind, the progression of the mood as well as the translation of the general atmosphere of the art from the different eras still give off the same feel.

Gothic girls are pretty easy to spot nowadays. It really helps that most of them are trying their very hardest to stand out from the crowd, although in a low-key manner. Their fashion statements are not really the things that a woman from the Gothic tribe would have worn hundreds of years ago, but just the same, their outfits can look like the love child of many eccentric and eclectic schools of thought. At the very least, you would probably mistake them for Wednesday Addams from the Addams family.

Here are the various things that gothic girls wear. They should be quite hard to miss.

Goth girls wear black.
The same goes for goth guys. Some people even equate wearing black to being goth. While black is a common shirt color, if a girl wears a black top with a black pair of pants or skirt there’s a very good chance that she is goth.

Heavy makeup is the hallmark of a goth face. Men and women alike wear heavy makeup to make their faces pale like a vampire’s. They also emphasize their eyes by using kohl or really heavy eyeliner to trace the outline of the eyes. While most people now associate this with being emo, the goths were certainly first in creating this trend. Girls (and some guys) also prefer wearing black lipstick to really complete the look.

Leather! Black leather that is fitted into tight corsets is something that is signature gothic style. These women try to channel the dominatrix and tough personas who usually wear leather. These are usually skin tight and uncomfortable to wear. Coupled with the make up, this could definitely combine for a very strong and dominant look.

Vintage and Edwardian clothes that are deconstructed and merged with leather and newer designs also are reminiscent of gothic style. It shows off the aged look of history, as well as the sophistication to adapt to new trends. This is a very hard look to pull off since it’s hard to get Edwardian and Victorian outfits.

Finally, it’s very easy to spot gothic girls from their attitude. Goth girls are likely to be fascinated by anything macabre and dark. Goth girls also like people who stand out, and who are not likely to be swayed by peer pressure. However, if you’re interested in gothic girls, it doesn’t mean that you have to be a gothic guy yourself to get them interested. Just be yourself, because that’s also another thing that gothic folks like.


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