How To Stretch Women's Shoes

Your shoes will surely bring you to just any place you wish to go. Most of the time, your shoes are your great buddies in at least a thousand steps in a day. However, if your shoes do not fit perfectly, your feet will surely suffer. Though they can still continue to bring you to wherever you wish to go, they tend to be not the perfect buddies your feet can have anymore.

With this, you must understand that your feet do not deserve a pair of shoes that will not bring in the most comfort to them. Good thing that there is a way you can do to make your shoes more comfortable for your feet, that is as simple as stretching them for a better fit. To help you in doing this, here are some easy yet effective ways on how you can stretch your shoes for more comfort:

  • Use a professional shoe stretcher. The market offers a lot of kinds of shoe stretchers that can help you in this purpose. You can grab the most appropriate stretcher for your low heel or high heel shoes for more successful results.
  • Spray some liquid shoe stretch. Simply follow the indicated manufacturer's instructions. Just so you know, this kind of shoe stretch works better for your leather shoes. Plus, this must be used together with a wooden shoe stretcher.
  • Seek for professional help. Shoe repair shops have the most appropriate equipment to help you in stretching your shoes. They have a stretching machine that applies heat and pressure to the shoes to get better stretching results. This works not only for the shoe length but for toe raise and instep stretching as well.
  • Try different home based ways. There are several things that you can do at home to stretch your shoes without buying any kind of stretcher or chemicals. For instance, you can grab two sealed plastic bags filled with water. Place these bags in the shoes. Just make sure that the bags very well fit the shape of your shoes. Then, place your shoes with the bags filled with water in it inside a freezer for about a week. As the water freezes, it expands. This allows the shoes to expand as well. Then, take the shoes out and wear it just after thawing them for about an hour. If the size is not yet enough, you can repeat this process until the needed length or width is achieved. You can also try other means such as using a blow dryer and pairs of socks to expand the size of your shoes.

Now, there is no more point in making your feet suffer by letting it fit into shoes that do not perfectly fit. With the possibility of stretching your shoes for a better fit, you can always look forward going into places with your shoes no matter how many miles away the destination is.


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