How To Tailor a Man's Suit

For men, it is important that the suit they wear fit correctly to their body. It is usual that men buy their suits instead of having it made for them. The problem with ready-made suits for men is that it may not fit them correctly. Although you can also buy custom-made suits, it is very expensive as compared to buying ready-made suits.

If you don’t have enough money to buy custom-made suits for your husband or father, then you just might want to make a man’s suit on your own. Although most people think that this is a difficult task, if you have the basic knowledge in tailoring clothes and you simply follow these steps, then you will have no problem in tailoring a man’s suit.

  1. Gather the materials. The first thing you need to do, obviously, is to get the materials needed in tailoring a man’s suit. For this task, you will need buttons, zippers, scissors, straight pins, patterns, fabric, sewing machine, iron, iron board, interfacing and matching thread. If you don’t have these materials at home, you can buy these things in a tailor store or in a department store.
  2. Select a pattern for the suit. The next thing you need to do is to find a pattern for the vest, jacket, shirt and pants. You will find many pattern catalogs today. However, there’s only a limited selection for a man’s suit. Go to the fabric store near you and look through several catalogs to find the pattern that you like. You can also check various patterns in the Internet.
  3. Select fabric for the suit. Once you are done selecting a pattern for the suit, the next stop is to go to the fabric store and select a fabric for the suit. You have different choices of fabric when it comes to a man’s suit. However, for the jacket and the pants, you should choose among wool or gabardine. For the shirt, choose polyester blends, cotton or linen. Vests should have the same or matching fabric with the jacket.
  4. Cut out the patterns. After buying a fabric, it’s time to work. Cut out the patterns you select for the man’s suit. Make sure you use the line for the particular size that you need.
  5. Remove creases or wrinkles in the patterns. To avoid wrong measurements, make sure the pattern you’re using is not wrinkled. You can smooth out these wrinkles by pressing them gently using your iron. Make sure you use an iron with a very low temperature setting. You don’t want to ruin your pattern. After doing so, adjust the pattern according to the size of the man.
  6. Pin the pattern to the fabric. After you adjust the pattern, pin it directly to the fabric using the straight pins. Make sure you follow the guidelines written in the pattern.
  7. Sew the suit. Once the pattern is securely pinned in the fabric, just simply follow the next direction included in the pattern envelope.

These are the steps on how to tailor a man’s suit. Keep in mind that if you have no basic knowledge of tailoring clothes, you might want to leave this task to an expert.


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