How To Take Off a Bra

Wouldn't it be lovely if we were all as skilled as Joey Tribbiani on Friends, and could make a bra pop open using nothing but a clear line of sight and extreme focus?  Unfortunately, this is a rare event for most of the average, clumsy or shy folks out there struggling every day to smoothly and romantically remove a bra.

Don't feel alone or ashamed if you fall into one of these categories, many do.  Plus, it doesn't help that around every corner there's a Victoria's Secret commercial reminding us that bras are ever-evolving and becoming more complex every day.  But there is hope out there, a light at the end of the tunnel, and a refreshing snap after the tight grip of the clasp has been defeated and the aforementioned undergarments are lying face up on the floor on the other side of the room, just smiling at you.

To know how to take off a bra, it is best to first know how a bra is constructed.  Most bras have a simple, double hook clasp in the center of the back where both of the straps meet.  This juncture can usually be felt from the outside of the shirt, as it is slightly more raised than the rest of the fabric.  If suavity is what you're looking for, gently caress the lady's back, while inconspicuously locating this little bump in the middle where the clasp is located.

Although it is possible for bras to be taken off with one hand, start with two until the motion is mastered.  

  1. Place one hand on each side of the clasp, holding the fabric between your fingers and thumb.  It's soft, it's stretchy and has a little wiggle room, so don't be afraid to get your hands right up under it. 
  2. If you need to feel around a little first, explore with your fingers, open your mind and get a good mental picture of what's going on back there. 
  3. You'll feel we're the straps meet each other, and at that point is where you'll find two very tiny little metal loops and the very tiny little swoops that connect them together. 
  4. It's best to pinch the bra in this spot (that's pinch the bra, not the lady), push the straps together in the center, and there you go!  A freeing pop and the bra is no longer your enemy. 

Enjoy your new skill.


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