How To Temporarily Fix Your Eyeglasses

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If you wear eyeglasses, you may have encountered a situation wherein the screw on your frame came loose while you were walking. Or perhaps you accidentally sat on your glasses and broke the frame. Things like these usually happen at the worst time, right when you have no time to go to the optometrist.

If you have an eyeglass emergency, don’t panic. You can do a quick fix solution. This will give you enough time to get you through the day and just till you can get to your optometrist. Here’s how to temporarily fix your eyeglasses.

  1. Try to find the missing part as soon as possible. If the screw on the frame popped out or the plastic nose rest came off, stand still and survey your immediate area. You may need to get down on the floor and find the missing piece. Avoid having people walk on the area. You may need some help locating the piece, especially since your vision will obviously be compromised. When you find the missing piece, wrap it up in tissue or place it inside your lens case right away so you don’t lose it.
  2. Have an eyeglass repair kit handy. Have one in your car, home and office. These repair kits are inexpensive and readily available in drugstores and even convenience stores. It usually contains a small screwdriver, extra nose pads, cleaning cloth and varying sizes of screws. The items in your repair kit can handle mini emergencies.
  3. If you broke your frame in half, see if you can glue it back together. If you have some extra super glue, you may be able to connect the two halves together, especially if you have plastic frame glasses. If you use wire frames, you may need to duct tape it together.
  4. If the screw popped out, try to screw it back on. If you can’t find the screw and don’t have a replacement on standby, use a small pin instead. A paperclip may be too thick but try one anyway. Avoid forcing it in or you’ll wear out the tread on the frame or make it too loose.
  5. Avoid scratching the lenses when you are handing the frames. If you’ll be using sharp tools such as pliers, place some duct tape on the tool so that it doesn’t scratch the lenses of your glasses. You may also wrap the lens with some tissue or microfiber cleaning cloth.
  6. If you’re out in the mall, try to locate an optical shop or sunglass store. They should have repair kits available and may be even able to repair your glasses for a nominal fee. If you need it for reading, you may need to purchase a cheap pair of reading glasses to tide you over.
  7. As soon as possible, contact your optometrist if your glasses can no longer be salvaged. Some higher end frames such as Oakley offer lifetime frame replacement so call their customer service number hotline as soon as possible.

These tips will also work for sunglasses. However, if the frame is damaged or cracked, you will need to replace it. In the meantime, don’t let eyeglass emergencies get you down!


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