How To Tie a Clip On Bow Tie

Clip on bow tie

Ever put on one of those clip on bow ties to a fancy event? While you swagger around with unmatched confidence, the sham of a tie snags on the buttons they put on those blasted coat sleeves and gets undone. People look at you with such horror as though you have just committed a heinous crime beyond any reprieve. Running for cover, wounded and beaten, you vow this horrible event will never happen again as long as you live. As God is your witness, you WILL learn to tie a real bow tie.

Tying a bow tie is as easy as tying your shoe. Of course, we all know how hard that was when we first tried that out. We are here to help shed some light into this herculean task. And, once you receive success in this endeavor, you shall feel vindicated for the past misconduct.

Here is a short step by step guide to get you on your way to this goal you must attain. Follow these simple steps and you can start the long and arduous exodus back to those fancy coat and tail events.

  1. Drape the bow tie around the neck.  Make sure one end is longer than the other by an inch and a half.
  2. Cross it up. Cross the longer end over the shorter end. Make sure the loop is close to the neck, just enough to work with. If it is too low you would have your bow tie down your chest.
  3. Make a loose knot. Then, form a loose overhand knot by passing the longer end up through the loop.  Drape the longer end on your shoulder while you complete the next step.
  4. Create a Zigzag. Pick-up the dangling part of the bow tie and place it in front of the knot. The indentations on the bow tie should be at the bottom of your chin. This will be the flap will be the front part of your bowtie.
  5. Pull it down. Now get the longer end, and drop it right down the center.  It should line up perfectly on the indentation of the front part of the bow tie.
  6. Lock it into place. Now that the longer part of your bow tie is down the middle, lock it into place by puling the opposite side of your front bow tie towards the middle. This will open up a hole. Insert the middle of your longer end on the hole and drop your hands.
  7. Pull it all together.  At this point, you should have two loops. Pull on both the loops to tighten up your bow tie. Adjust it to make sure both ends are symmetrical.

With these seven simple steps you'll no longer feel the shame of a clip on bow. Arise, a true bearer of this formal attire adornment. Go forth and celebrate your newfound success and may they bestow upon you respect and awe of your newfound skills.


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