How To Tie a Military Tie

The military takes pride in every one of its soldiers' appearance. Uniforms must be crease-free and look as brand new as the day they were issued. They have to spit-shine their boots to the point that they can see their own reflections in the steely black leather. Nails need to be trimmed, hair as neat as possible and posture should be as straight and rigid as a column of stone. Soldiers need to look their very best.

Never one to overlook even the smallest of details, the military also places emphasis on how their men tie their necktie. There are a number of ways of tying a necktie. The military enforces the use of the most formal technique, the Windsor Knot. Here is how to tie a military tie:

  1. Reflections. It is best to stand in a mirror while you tie your tie. Seeing your reflection can be a little confusing but it will help you get the job done.
  2. Pop the collar. Pull your collar up completely so you easily wrap your tie around your neck. Do not forget to fasten all your shirt buttons, especially that last one at the top. The tie label should be facing your shirt and the fat end should be on the same side as your dominant hand.
  3. Split ends. Before you tie your necktie, check the length of the two ends. The fat end should be longer than the skinny end by about a foot.
  4. Cross and pull. Put the fat end over the skinny end, creating an X at about the same height as the midpoint between your second and third shirt buttons. Now pull the fat end from under the X through the hole and pull it back down.
  5. Inside out. Wrap the fat end around the thin end. From the front, pull the fat end through the hole and out to the right side, so that you can see the label on the back of the fat end. It is now inside out.
  6. Crossing over. Bring it over and across the knot so that the label side is facing your shirt again. Bring it under and through the loop and through the second whole you have just formed on top of the first knot. Remove your fingers. Pull it tight.
  7. Bring it up. Now to tighten and adjust the knot. Pull the thin end down and bring the knot up until you have comfortably secured it around your neck. How tight you want it will depend on you. There is no one rule for everyone to follow.
  8. Instructional video. If you need a visual representation of how to tie a Windsor Knot/Military Tie, you cam see the different websites that have very helpful and easy-to-follow instructional videos. It takes practice and patience before you get it correctly. Make sure that your necktie is long enough too.

It takes discipline to become a true soldier and not just in their training and conduct. Discipline in the way they dress is a key part in being a real military man. A military tie is something small but never overlooked. Now you can act like a real soldier too with these easy steps.


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