How To Tie a Ribbon Bowtie

A bowtie is the mark of an elegant affair. For very formal evenings, bowties are de rigeur for men. It still looks best with a tuxedo and a cumber band. Don’t make the mistake of using a regular tie with a tuxedo. It’s a new trend but is not as widely acceptable and doesn’t connote the same degree of formality that a bowtie does.

If you have a formal event, make the effort and get a tux and wear it with a bow tie. Special events such as invitational dinners, weddings and other formal affairs come far and few between, so it’s your chance to dress up. This sophisticated look is actually very simple to do. If you can tie your shoelaces, then you can make a bow tie. Here’s how to tie a ribbon bowtie.

  1. Get your bowtie. It is generally made of satin and comes in the same color as your cumber band. The most common is a black bowtie, but you have the option of matching your date by wearing a bowtie in the same shade as her dress. This is mostly done for proms and weddings. A newer trend is to wear a white tie. White tie events are strictly formal and are even more formal than black tie events. When purchasing a bowtie, pick the best quality you can afford. Stay away from nylon fabrics, which looks cheap. Silk is still the best choice, although polyester and wool are also popular choices.
  2. After you button your white shirt all the way to the top button, place the bowtie underneath your collar and around your neck. Bowties don’t come in a straight fabric so it will be easier to tie. This should serve to guide you.
  3. Make sure that both ends of the fabric fall evenly on both sides. You may now make a loop so that the tie is fastened around your neck.
  4. Gather each side and make a loop. Start from the narrowest points of the cloth. This is your guideline so that your bow ends on the widest part of the fabric. You will now place one side over and under the other side through the middle, just like when you tie the laces of your shoes.
  5. Tighten the tie by pulling on the bows. Both sides of the bow must be even. If it isn’t, untie the bow and repeat the process.

You may want to do this process in front of a mirror so you can check if the bows are uneven or if your tie comes off crooked. If you have difficulty with it, you can ask someone to tie it for you. As a last resort, there are prefabricated bowties that you can purchase. This way, you ensure that your bowtie is perfect every time, but it won’t have the same look or feel as one your did yourself.

If you practice and perfect tying a bowtie, you may decide to bring it over to your day wear for a unique look!


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