How To Tie Hawaiian Dresses

A Hawaiian dress is a lovely purchase when you go on a tropical holiday. It is cool, soft, comfortable, and can be worn easily for casual days or relaxed evenings out while on your vacation. The fabric is usually made of cotton and can have a variety of prints, such as bright tropical flowers such as hibiscus, birds, water scenery and sometimes even batik prints.

The Hawaiian dress is very forgiving since it wraps around the body, so it camouflages parts you want to hide, but is still sexy. Here’s how to wear one.

  1. Newer styles of Hawaiian dresses are cut just like traditional long dresses. If the Hawaiian dress is preformed and comes with a zipper, it’s easier to wear since there’ nothing to wrap or tie. Just wear it as you would any normal dress.
  2. For a muumuu, its one size fits all but you can custom fit it. A muumuu is usually made of cotton or polyester and is cut with an empire waist, making it very flattering yet forgiving for most body types. It resembles a Japanese kimono when worn. The secret is an adjustable tie strap that is just under the fabric of the dress. Just put it over your body, allowing the shoulder strap to rest on your shoulder. Zip up the dress. Pull the extra fabric located just under your breast and so that it meets in the back and knot it in the back. Adjust the fit of the dress by tying the fabric tightly behind you.
  3. Create a mesa dress. If you have a sarong in a tropical or Hawaiian print, you can make it into a dress with just a few knots. Place the sarong fabric behind you. Wrap it around your body wrapping the sarong under your arms. As the fabric reaches the front, cross the opposite ends of the fabric in front of you and wrap it around your neck. The resulting effect will be backless, showing of your arms, while the sarong is secured behind your neck.
  4. Be careful to wear your Hawaiian dress to appropriate places. Unless you live in Hawaii, Florida, a tropical country or you’re at the beach, a Hawaiian dress may look inappropriate for other settings. It is acceptable to use at loungewear around the house or if you’re entertaining for the summer, but it will scream tourist if you wear it downtown. It may also seem costumey (unless you are going to a Hawaiian themed party).

Why not purchase one for your next holiday? It’s easily affordable, is lightweight to pack and sets the mood for a fun and fabulous vacation. It comes in a variety of fabrics, even silk! If you don’t want to wait till you get to your destination to buy one, check out thrift stores as well as online retailers to purchase one. Don’t worry about the sizing since Hawaiian dresses are cut generously. Try one on and you’ll love it!


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