How To Use a Jewelry Display Rack

Jewelry is a timeless treasure. For years it has served to complement as well as ultimately complete an ensemble for the perfect night out or formal gathering. Some people wear it more frequently than others; and a recurring problem is misplacing it. Organizing your jewelry collection, let alone keeping them safe can be a tough task. You want them readily accessible to you, but at the same time hidden from prying hands. Before you rush to the retail store and get yourself a fancy display rack or a jewelry box, carefully weigh your options according to purpose, custom design preferences, capacity and security. Here's how to choose a jewelry display rack.

  • The first thing you need to do is sort your jewelry. There are many pieces in your collection that you may no longer be using and sorting will not only help you organize the ones you use frequently, but also rid your box of unnecessary mess. You can do something else with the pieces you've grown out of like refashioning them, or giving them to younger members of your family. Start by laying your jewelry down on a jewelry mat, a book or on any clean surface; preferably a plain one without fussy patterns. You may use card labels to facilitate the classification. Setting the categories is entirely up to you. You can order necklaces, earrings and bracelets separately or have a set sorted according to occasion, precious stones against non-precious stones, casual pieces alongside formal pieces, color, favorites and less favorites, etc.; whatever suits your lifestyle.
  • Next, on the same surface area, assess the security of your jewelry. Inspect the pieces closely in every category ensuring that you go through each one. Pay special attention to the earring nuts if that is the kind you own; make sure each earring has its backing and that it is still able to hold the earring in place. For the rings, get a close look at the prongs over the top of the gemstone. Without the prong mechanism your precious stone will fall out and get lost so make sure you visit your local jeweler and have it reinstalled. Last but not the least, check the necklace latches or hooks and see if they're still intact otherwise that jewelry will not be wearable.
  • Finally, set them on the rack. Display racks make the whole process of choosing your jewelry easier. Hook them up and remove them carefully when you try them on.

Display shelves and racks can be made of wooden materials, leather or fabric. Metallic wires are also utilized for this purpose; as well as glass and plastic.  Display fixtures are made with the intended user in mind, taking into consideration certain conditions of usage and storage and appropriate material into the over-all design. Leather is preferred for pocket cases. It is similar to wood for their earthly tones and classic elegance. They choose no gender. They will keep your precious jewels weatherproof and untouched by scratches in and out of the house. Fabric and plastic are usually for light, non-precious jewels that require less maintenance and security. There are designs especially built for children that you can have your daughters enjoy. Another type of display holder is a versatile wire rack. It is the most widely used because it stages your collection in a graceful yet practical way. No need to rummage through the entire box; just take your accessory of the day off of the hook as you would with a hat or coat hanger, ready to wear. 


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