How To Use a Tie Clip

A tie clip, just like any clip, is used to secure the neck tie and prevent it from moving too much and from being “dislocated”. There are several designs of tie clips, much like hair clips. This, however, is an accessory for the men. Tie clips mostly appear formal and elegant, with colors limited to silver, gold, bronze or brass. It is usually made of metal. It is very easy to use. Just follow these simple steps.

  • When using a tie clip, make sure that you have worn the tie properly. Straighten it up so that there are no creases on the tie and your dress shirt.
  • Align the tie pin near the center of the length of the necktie.
  • Press on the tie clip to open it up, the slip it to the tie. The front leg of the tie pin should be over the front tie, and the back leg of the tie pin should be under the dress shirt, so that the necktie is secured in place.
  • Release the clip so that it clasps the neck tie and the dress shirt together. This will avoid the necktie from flipping to your face when the wind blows or when you move swiftly.

Some men use their sign pens as a tie clip. While this may be convenient for them, it may also pose some disadvantages, such as pens getting out of control and staining the dress shirt and necktie, sign pens falling off and getting lost, and the fact that it does not look elegant especially for an executive.

Choose tie clips that match the color of your neck tie, coat and belt. In the same way that women only wear gold watches when they wear gold earrings, necklaces and rings, the men should also be aware that the buckle of their belts should match the color of their tie clips, as well as their watches and rings, if they are wearing one. Usually, a blue or grey coat, tie and pants will need a silver tie clip, while a gold tie clip will blend with brown shade coats. Gold tie clips also go well with red neck ties. With black neck ties, coat and pants, you will never have to worry about the tie clip color, unless you need to match it with the belt buckle.

There are a wide range of tie clips, and if you are on a budget, you can still find affordable tie clips. It is best to clean them before you keep them, in the same way that jewelries become dull after some time, your tie clips will also get dull if you do not wipe it with dry cloth before storing.

You have to make sure that the tie clips do not sit in moist places, otherwise they will wear out faster. Maintain at least two tie clips that you can wear so you can have a tie clip for everyday use and a tie clip for special occasions.


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