How To Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner

An ultrasonic cleaner is a device used to cleanse delicate items such as jewelry, watches, dental and surgical instruments.  Also called a sonicator, this uses ultrasound, which are sound waves ranging from 15 KHz to 400 KHz at the maximum. Although the ultrasonic transducer, which generates the ultrasound, is its most important feature, it needs a special solution to clean those fragile items.  This cleaning agent is actually the main player in removing dirt.  The ultrasound boosts the effect of the cleaning agent on such things.

Because of its ability to handle small and fragile items, this device is not only used as a jewelry cleaner.  It can also be used for repairs and ultrasonic welding. However, its most common purpose is that for ultrasonic jewelry washing.  A manual that comes with the package can be your guide in maintaining and using it.  You can also easily use this device by just doing the following steps.

  1. Put the appropriate amount of water in the tank.  Your manual or the tank’s fill line should be able to tell you the exact amount. Make sure you have not yet plugged in the device’s power cord.
  2. Depending on the amount needed by your items, pour the cleaning solution into the tank.  Your manual should tell you the suitable amount for the number and the kind of items you will clean. Adding too much or too little can have bad effects on the quality of the cleaning.
  3. Plug your device’s power cord in and switch it on.  Let the machine warm first before starting the cleaning cycle.  It usually takes 10 minutes at maximum before it can be warm enough to function effectively.
  4. Put the items to be cleaned in the tray or basket provided by the machine.  Make sure that these are not too many. Arrange these also in a manner that they are not so close to each other.  Place the basket into the water tank that also has the cleaning solution.  Close the cleaner’s lid and start the cleaning cycle.
  5. Once the cycle ends, remove the tray or basket with the cleaned items in it.  Rinse these in running water by putting them under a faucet.  This will rid the items of traces of cleaning solution, which can be irritating to the skin.  You may wipe these dry after rinsing.
  6. You can still use the solution if it is still capable of another round of ultrasonic bath.  You may just leave it in the tank or you can transfer it to another container.  Switch off the machine and pull out the power cord.

There may be a number of things to consider when you have an ultrasonic cleaner such as solution, reviews, dental, jewelry, repair, etc. Nevertheless, the steps taken in using this are really as simple as using a washing machine.  What is important is to always have the manual as your first reference tool.


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