How To Use Jet Dry in Gold Refining

Why does Jet Dry sound familiar? Well, because it is your favorite detergent brand. It is popularly preferred, particularly in meeting the dishwashing needs both at home and in commercial establishments. It is basically a wetting agent. Its main function is to lessen or to lower water’s surface tension. When that happens, it becomes easier for water to clean your dishes. But the use of Jet Dry doesn’t stop there. Since it is a wetting agent, it also acts as a surfactant. As such, it becomes essential in the process of refining gold. Here are the steps on how you can use Jet Dry gold refining:   

  • Pre-assess your concentrates. Using your classifier sieve, you should set the criteria at a minimum of 30 meshes. After that, you can gather your pre-assessed concentrates. You can place them in a pail. Then, you can pour water into the pail. Your next goal is to work on the water’s surface tension. Quickly add the necessary amount of Jet Dry. This process is specifically done to prevent gold particles, particularly the small one, from suspending. They float because of surface tension.
  • Prepare your gold concentrating bowl. You can begin doing by thoroughly cleaning its interior. You need to use a dishwashing detergent. A mild detergent is acceptable. Your goal is to get rid any tinge of oil or dirt from your gold concentrating bowl. You should be able to do this every time you are about to kick-off each of your operation. You need to strictly follow the guidelines in order to keep your gold inside the pan.
  • Set up the water pump. Make sure it is properly positioned inside your tub. Then, you can put your pail inside your tub, too. On top of your pail, place your gold concentrating bowl. Double check if your bowl is leveled. It is important to account for that because your next task is to link your pump’s hose directly to your bowl.
  • Remember your water in Step 1? Since you already treated it with Jet Dry, you may pour it straight to your gold concentrating bowl. Then, add gold concentrates to your bowl. You need about a cup. When you turn on the pump, observe how water slowly fills your bowl. Eventually, the same water is emptied because it conveniently passes through the hole at the middle cone.
  • You should control the water flow. You are expected to pump as fast as you can. However, it should not be fast enough to force the heavier gold concentrates out of your bowl. You just need to pump so the water gets to take the light gold concentrates directly into the hole at the middle cone. Put another cup of gold concentrates whenever necessary. As a rule, note that for finer gold concentrates, maintaining a lower water flow may prove to be ideal.

Using Jet Dry is quite simple. It is also safe. It can certainly help you increase the amount of your refined gold concentrates.


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