How To Use Memory Wire to Make Jewelry

A memory wire is a type of wire that is ideal for making different types of jewelry. This is because the material is lightweight and durable. This memory alloy can also be called muscle wire or smart wire. It is called as such because it is able to go back to its original form even after being deformed.

A lot of jewelry makers use of this type of wire for necklaces, wire bracelets, rings, anklets and even earrings. You can make your own jewelry using memory wire and some of your bead tools.

Here are the steps on how you can use memory wire to make jewelry:

1.    Materials. Before doing anything else, you must have all the materials that you are going to need near you so that it is easy for you to reach when you are making your jewelry. The materials that you are going to need are:

  • strong wire cutters
  • beads and trinkets
  • jewelry pliers
  • memory wire
  • bead board (optional)

2.    Preparation. You can purchase memory wire that has already been cut for bracelets, rings and necklaces or you can use a coil of memory wire and cut up some wires for your jewelry. Remember to use strong wire cutters, as using normal scissors may not do a clean cut on the memory wire. Cut the memory wire according to the size of the jewelry that you are going to make.

3.    Bead board. The next thing you have to do is to make the pattern for the beads and the trinkets that you are going to use for your jewelry. You can use a bead board to practice the pattern that you are going to use for the jewelry. You can use alternate colors of beads or only one color. If you have other items that you want to add to your jewelry, you can just include them on your pattern.

4.    Making the jewelry. Once you are ready with the pattern of beads and the memory wire, you can start stringing the beads. First, you have to make a lock at the end of the memory wire so that the beads will not slip off the wire. Make a loop with the jewelry pliers. Make the loop big enough so that the beads won’t slip off. After this, you can already string the beads one by one until you have reached the end of the wire. When you are at the end, use the jewelry pliers to make another loop that will serve as the lock for the jewelry.

These are the simple steps on how to make your own jewelry by using memory wire. To get more ideas, you can browse magazines and jewelry websites to have inspiration for patterns and designs. When you have mastered how to create jewelry using memory wire, you can create a lot of designs and start your own small jewelry business. You can also create other items aside from jewelry, such as bookmarks, souvenir items, eyeglass holders and more.


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