How To Walk Gracefully in High Heels

Reality shows have become really popular these days. Not only are they a refreshing break from the usual TV series that we have grown accustomed to, they also give you a clear picture of what really happens in the real world. My cousin and I got hooked into watching America's Next Top Model. We really like Tyra's signature line: "Work it, work it!" as the aspirant models sashay their way into the runway. Since it's a reality show, it gave the world a glimpse of the challenges and struggles of aspiring models. One would be able to know how to walk gracefully in high heels. And some of the contestants in the show had to work really hard to learn this.

With the past-paced, get up and go lifestyle that most of us have been used to and have been subjected to, it is very easy to prefer the very comfortable sneakers and flats over the more sophisticated high heels. Nonetheless, there will be occasions wherein women will sometimes be required to wear high heels. And on those momentous events, the last thing we would like to happen is to attract attention to ourselves by tripping on our high heels and formal wear. It may not be comfortable but as they say we have to learn how to work it. And here are a few things to help you out.

  • Before you start walking, make sure that you're posture is impeccably model-like - chest out, suck in your stomach, straighten your body and chin up or simply avoid looking down.
  • Walk the line. Draw a straight long line. Put on your high heels and try to step on the line when you walk. Every time you put your foot down, it should touch the same line. This will make it look like your legs are crossing every time and make your hips sway from side to side, making your walk all the more graceful! Tyra would probably call it fierce instead.
  • To make it more interesting, you may want to practice it the way models do. Put on a hard bound book on top of your head and walk on the straight line. The book should not fall otherwise you will have to start again. This may seem like a really old exercise but this old fashioned practice is a sure-fire way to make you learn the skill.
  • Practice. They say practice makes perfect. In that case, try to put on high heels starting first with something low perhaps 1.5 or 2 inches depending on how comfortable you are. Just try to stand for a few minutes wearing those. Put them on again later and then try to walk on them. Once you start to feel comfortable you may want to try to gradually increase the height of the heels. The key here is consistency. Practice on a regular basis, and increase the amount of time that you're on heels.

So work it girls and strut it as if you're in catwalk!


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