How To Walk Like a Catwalk Model

Are you looking to strut your stuff at a local fashion event, or just add a little sex appeal to your walk? If so, then you can learn to walk like a catwalk model. All you need is to follow these steps and dedicate some time to practice.

  1. Do your homework and watch a few fashion shows. Before deciding on your perfect model stride, take a look at a few of the best. Watch a fashion show to get a glimpse of how each model uses her walk to enhance the clothes and her own personal style presentation.
  2. Have confidence. Before you get started, you need to get in touch with your inner siren. Have confidence that you are sexy and attractive. Without this confidence, your walk will lack the model attitude.
  3. Wear heels. Models on the catwalk make the best of their assets by wearing skyscraper high heels. You don’t have to risk your neck with shoes that are beyond your skill level, but you should wear the highest heels your feet can handle. This may only be a two-inch or three-inch heel but the added height and the enhancement to your calf muscles is well worth the effort.
  4. Perfect your posture. Posture is the primary visual cue of your attitude. If you are shy or self-conscious, then your bent shoulders and curved spine will translate in your walk. To project model confidence and appeal, make sure you pull your shoulders back, hold your head high and walk tall.
  5. Focus on your stride. Widen your normal stride so you walk the runway with purpose. Just adding an inch or two in stride length communicates strength and confidence in body language interpretation. Use this to your advantage.
  6. Step strong. The actual steps you take are important for a model stride. Position your body so that your posture is erect, your feet are flexed in high heels, then lift your legs high for each step. Land each step with your foot in the center of your body frame so that each step appears like you are walking along a straight line. By following this foot position, you exaggerate the sway and shift of your hips and when combined with a long stride, you will capture that elegant and strong catwalk move.
  7. Infuse your personal style. There’s no need to mimic your favorite model’s exact movement. Instead, add your own personal touches and flair. If you are petite, consider using the position of your arms (in the air, on your hips, or another pose) to accentuate your fine bones and add to the appearance of your height. Make your own statement with a bold stare or even a sultry smile.
  8. Practice your walk. Don’t expect to get your walk down in a single session. Walking like a catwalk model takes work so make sure you allow yourself time for regular practice.

You can walk like a catwalk model if you follow these steps and get your head in the game. Remember to practice both your stride and your attitude and you’ll be runway ready in no time.


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