How To Wash a Bra

Bras and other lingerie can be costly investments for your wardrobe. In order to get the longest life and elasticity out of your bra, be sure to wash it properly. Follow these instructions and you will get much longer life out of your unmentionables.

Mesh lingerie bag
Mild detergent for lingerie
Washing machine or sink of warm water

  1. Know what your bra is made of. Most bras contain a fair amount of elastic, which can deteriorate due to heat. Elastic bras should never be placed in the clothes dryer or left out in direct sunlight to dry. Your bra may contain other materials including cotton, satin or lace. If your bra is lacy, you want to take extra care and should wash by hand if possible.
  2. Decide on a washing method. Bras can be washed by hand or in the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Those washed by hand may wear longer but some people aren’t satisfied with the level of clean. Choose the method you are most comfortable with.
  3. For machine washing, set the washing machine to the gentle cycle. (Skip to step 6 for hand washing.) Add detergent based upon the size of the load of clothes and your washing machine.
  4. Place the bra in the mesh lingerie bag. The bag will keep the bra from stretching or getting snagged on other clothing in the wash. Make sure that all the items are meant for gentle cycle and do not overfill the machine.
  5. Run the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Let the cycle run its course, then skip to step 9.
  6. For hand washing, soak the bra in warm (not hot) water. Fill the sink with water and a tablespoon of detergent made gentle for lingerie.
  7. Agitate the water with your fingers to mix in the detergent, then allow the bra to soak for at least five minutes. If there are stains, be sure to rub them out with a small additional amount of the detergent.
  8. Rinse the bra with cool water. Make sure you remove all the detergent and the water rinses clean.
  9. Allow the bra to air dry. The bra should be kept away from heat while drying. If possible, place it flat on a drying rack instead of hanging by the straps. This helps avoid stretching out the straps.

Your bra may not last forever, but if you follow these steps, it will last a long time. Avoid using strong detergents and hot water that can deteriorate your lingerie and you will have a pretty bra that lasts.


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Nice tips, deteriorating bras can be quite a hassle. ^^

By Kashy Ali