How To Wear a Hat for Plus-Size Women


These days, plus-size women can be just as fashionable as anyone else, especially when it comes to accessorizing. If you're a larger lady, add some flare to your outfit with some head fashion. These tips will explain the rules about how plus-size women should wear a hat.

Step 1

Understand basic hat rules. As adults, hats come with a few more rules than they did as when we were kids. You can't just slap on any old hat anymore and expect it to look good, especially as a plus-size woman. You need to be aware of a few fashion faux pas when it comes to hats. Ladies who have a petite frame can wear smaller hats that don't have large, floppy brims. Berets and newsboy caps are examples. But for plus size women, these types of hats aren't recommended. Instead, if you have a larger frame, you want to have the big and floppy hat! Plus-size women can definitely get away with this type of big and beautiful hat, as it matches their frames perfectly.

Step 2

Balance your hat correctly. Make sure that when you put on your hat, the brim of it matches the shape of your shoulders. It's very important for plus-size women to have a balanced hat, as it's the brim that ultimately compliments their body shapes.

Step 3

Wear a hat that suits your face. Plus size women should also follow the rules when it comes to matching a hat with their face shape. Larger women with long faces should choose hats with narrow brims. These emphasize the length of a plus-size woman's face. The ideal hat for this face shape would have a soft brim that curls or falls slightly upward.

If a plus-size woman has an oval face, there aren't any perfect hat-wearing rules. Since the oval face shape is still so diverse, it's best to just browse pictures of other plus-size women with a similar face shape to your own, and choose hats similar in style to what they're wearing.

Finally, plus-size women with round faces need not worry - there are many hats to suit this face shape as well. Larger, rounder faces aren't complimented by hats of similar shapes, so plus-size women shouldn't wear round hats with soft features if their faces are round as well. Ideally, plus-size women with round faces should choose hats that are more angled, since these will obviously contrast a round face shape.

Step 4

Fedoras generally won't work. As stylish as they are, fedoras are definitely the hardest type of hat to look fashionable in. You've got to have the right head shape, the right face shape, and the right bone structure in order for a fedora to look appropriate on you. So for plus-size women, suffice it to say that the fedora isn't going to look right or fashionable in most cases. But fear not, ladies. There are many other fabulous, fashionable hats that you can wear that will compliment your larger shape and make anyone you walk past comment on how stylish your plus-size body is looking wearing that great hat.


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