How To Wear a Romper

Rompers are definitely making a fashion comeback. But you've got to have the right body and the right styling to pull off this outfit. Before you step outside of your home wearing one, make sure you follow these fashion tips on how to wear a romper.

Step 1

Understand what a romper is. For those of you who aren't sure, a romper is a one-piece short suit that has short sleeves (or sometimes no sleeves) and often has a built-in belt. Stars like Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson and Mischa Barton are all known to wear this style often.

Step 2

Rompers don't look good on everyone. Although they're definitely comfortable, rompers can't be worn by everyone. Since the style is so unforgiving, rompers only look right on certain body types. In general, rompers look best on very thin women who have long legs, flat stomachs and little (if any) backside. And of course, they're really only appropriate for younger women. Unfortunately, that reduces the number of us that can wear a romper and pull it off. If you do happen to fit this mold, these styling tips should help you with your look.

Step 3

Natural is better. If you're going to wear a romper, you need to show off your natural beauty. Too much fussing with your hair or makeup doesn't suit the ‘romper look'. So stick to loose hair with flowing waves. And choose natural makeup colors over anything bold. As well, don't cover your legs with nylons or tights. The romper needs to be the star attraction, so everything else about your outfit needs to be subtle.

Step 4

Don't over-accessorize. Like your hair and makeup, you shouldn't over-do the accessories when you're wearing a romper either. So no ‘bling' okay, ladies? Some big sunglasses are about as far as you can go. Pair those with a long and simple necklace. And go with a braided belt or a thin, solid-colored belt if your romper doesn't already have one. That's about all you can get away with wearing in terms of accessories.

Step 5

Choose the right shoes. Rompers definitely aren't meant to be glamorized. They're comfortable, and your shoes should reflect this. Choose a wedge pair of sandals (canvas ones are great) or maybe some leather ballet flats. Avoid anything that is too chunky, too showy, or just too much. Subtle is best when choosing shoes to wear with your romper.

Step 6

Don't forget the purse! If you're going to be wearing your romper while you're out on the town, you should pair it with a great handbag. Again, it shouldn't be anything too much. A simple tote bag will do the trick. And try to avoid being too matchy-matchy with your romper. If your romper is solid-colored, go with a sequined or woven bag. If your romper is patterned, choose a solid-colored bag to go with it. In general, your bag should be a bit larger. Small purses just won't look right with this causal outfit. Even if you have nothing to put in it, a big handbag is the perfect way to complement your outfit when you wear a romper.


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