How To Wear a Scarf

Wearing colored scarf

No matter what the time of year, a scarf can be an excellent accessory for any outfit. Whether you choose to wear a scarf for warmth or decoration, it is sure to add intensity to your ensemble. Follow the following steps to wear a scarf for maximum fun and style.

  1. Choose a scarf that coordinates with your outfit. Coordinating a scarf is more of an art than a science. You do not have to match or use the same color, but you want to choose a scarf that complements the outfit. Choose a coordinating color or a simple pattern in the same color. Should you wish to make a bolder statement, choose a bright swath of color that is on the opposite side of the color wheel from the primary color of your outfit.
  2. Tie a simple knot. The simplest way to add spice to your wardrobe using a scarf is to tie a simple knot. Wrap the scarf once around your neck and tie a knot either close to your neck for a spicy look or loose around your neck like a necklace for a more conservative look.
  3. Wrap the scarf for warmth. If keeping your neck warm is the reason for donning a scarf, you should be sure that the scarf you choose is at least 4' - 6' in length. Secure the scarf warmly around your neck with a simple technique. Fold the scarf in half, then wrap it around your neck. Pull the loose ends through the loop created by the fold on the other end. Pull as snuggly against your neck as feels comfortable.
  4. Experiment with decorative looks and fits. Practice with your scarf to create a variety of different looks. Scarves that are thick-knit work best with a simple fold or wrap around the neck. Scarves made of silk, pashmina or other fine material work great with a variety of looks. Consider a simple knot at the throat or a wrap around the shoulders held together with a lapel pin.
  5. Buy a variety of scarves in different lengths and styles to dress up your wardrobe. Purchasing longer, thin scarves can add depth to your wardrobe throughout the seasons. Consider dressing up a pair of jeans by tying the scarf through the belt loops as a belt. Shop for variety in your scarves and you will never want for something new and different to wear.

The endless variety of scarves makes it possible for you to supplement even the simplest wardrobe with a splash of color and vibrancy. Use these simple tools to dress your wardrobe up or down, conservative or bohemian, whatever you desire. The key is to let your personality shine in the scarves you choose.


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Lovely article, scarves can be fun. =)

By Kashy Ali

I love scarves myself especially silk scarves and I try to find ways to wear them. Thanks for your article.

By Mary Norton