How To Wear a Shoulder Holster

The main purpose of wearing a shoulder holster is to provide a comfortable and concealed way of carrying a gun. If you are not comfortable wearing it or if it is obvious, then the purpose of a shoulder holster is defeated. The problem may not be the shoulder holster itself. Maybe you don’t know how to wear the thing properly.

Follow the tips below to guide you through the correct way of wearing a shoulder holster:

  • Choose the right shoulder holster. Wearing this thing should be easy if you have chosen the right shoulder holster for your built and your purpose. Shoulder holsters can be found in two general types—the horizontal and the vertical. The horizontal shoulder holster positions the gun, pointing away from the wearer’s body. The gun is carried in horizontal position in this holster, thus, the name “horizontal.” The vertical shoulder holster, on the other hand, is referred as that because the gun is placed vertically in it. The gun is held in a downward or upright position. Of the two, the vertical holster is more commonly used by law enforcement people.
Besides the type, consider the size of your upper body, too. It’s best that you try fitting the shoulder holster before you decide which one to buy.
  • Wear it like a backpack. Whether you choose the horizontal or the vertical, both of these will be worn in the manner you wear a backpack. The two sides will have a strap for carrying the gun. You’ll put the gun on the side that will be easier for you to access.
  • Adjust the holster. The shoulder holster can be adjusted across the back and under the arms. Make the necessary adjustments until you get the perfect fit. You’ll know that it’s the perfect fit if you can comfortably move your upper body while wearing the holster. But it should not be so comfortable that the gun might fall or the holster might lose its perfect fitting. Some shoulder holsters have belt clips. This provides better security for the gun and the wearer. If your holster has this clip, you will have to adjust it to perfectly fit the belt.
  • Wear the perfect coat or jacket. Only a coat or a jacket can conceal the shoulder holster. It will be difficult to hide the holster under a shirt, no matter how big it is. Try different jackets or coats on until you get the perfect one. It should allow you to move your upper body comfortably without leaving the holster so obvious.

Finding the perfect fit for the shoulder holster on your body will need a lot of practice. When trying, it’s best that you try with unloaded gun. Remember, you have not yet mastered the art of carrying your small arm while wearing a shoulder holster.

Practicing with unloaded gun is safer than trying your luck with a loaded gun. Always prioritize safety, even when practicing how to properly wear the shoulder holster. You don’t want to hurt yourself or other people just because of simple negligence.


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