How To Wear a Tuxedo Vest

Formal gatherings and occasions are not complete without anyone wearing a full tuxedo. Weddings, school proms, and formal evening parties and social gatherings are filled with gentlemen wearing these formal must have. But just like any other formal wear, it can be really hard for someone to know how to wear tuxedo vests. You have to follow certain rules in appropriate styling and color coordinating in wearing tux. Most men prefer vest over cummerbunds in wearing tuxedos. The reason is because vests still look good even when the jacket is off and it works pretty well in whether single or double breasted suits.

Here are some basic instructions for you to wear your tux vests easily.

  • Get the appropriate size for your body type. It should fit you well. The end of the vest should not be more than an inch extending from the level of the belt.
  • Choose the proper tux vest color. If the coat and tie are with the same color, your vest should be different. But you can also have the same tie and vest color if you are wearing a different colored coat.
  • Put your shirt on, button it all up and tuck it to your pants.
  • Put your tie or bow tie on.
  • Carefully put your tux vest on and button it up. Do not tuck in the end part of your vest. Make sure that your tie is not puffing out of your vest.
  • Over your tux vest, put on your tuxedo coat. Button the upper part of the coat only.
  • Fold a handkerchief in four parts and put it in the coat's pocket sticking out one side.

Do not wear dress shirts that have exactly the same color as your vest. The tuxedo vest looks best in a color that opposes the shirt. Never wear your tux vest with a double breast and shawl collar tuxedo for it can both look bulky. It is best to wear with two button or Mandarin collar.

Some vests have buttons while others don't. And if they do, most of them are flapless or what you call the "besom" style.

You should not wear a belt with your tuxedo. Use a suspender instead. Cotton and wool vests are more sophisticated and elegant. Use them instead of a silk one for it may appear gaudy and cheap.

You may use a bright colored vest or paisley jacquard tuxedo vest for occasions like weddings and school dances.

It is more sophisticated to use a hand tied bow tie than a pre tied one.

Vests can be a fullback or a backless in cut. Full back vests cover the shoulders down to waist. It is the most standard type with its multiple button feature on the front. The backless type, on the other hand, has two to three buttons on the front with a deeper V shape on its neckline. There is nothing but a narrow band on its back.

Traditional tuxedos are always elegant and sophisticated but men seek for a modern touch. Newly designed tuxedos use velvet, rich colors and tux with only three buttons.


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