How To Wear an A-line Skirt

Do you want to look sexy and gorgeous? You can wear an A-line skirt and mix and match it with appropriate tops. Though it is simple, it looks gorgeous.

An A-line skirt is a type of skirt fitted at the hips and widens as it reaches the hem. It bears a resemblance to the shape of the letter A that is why it’s called as such. The term A-line was initially used by the famous French couture designer Christian Dior. The A-line skirt became famous when Jacqueline Kennedy wore the style. Since then, its style, elegance, and simplicity has stayed fashionable.

Practically, any type of figure can wear the A-line skirt. Even if you are pear-shaped, you can wear an A-line skirt to conceal bulges. You can also wear this style of skirt even if the upper part of your body is heavier than your bottom. The flared hem will do the job. It will balance out your body shape. Boyish types can also wear the A-line skirt. It creates a false impression of curvy hips on you. A-line skirts also go well with almost any type or style of blouses.

A-line skirts are comfortable for walking or dancing. Wear A-line skirts in casual, business, and other important occasions. It gives you an impression of simplicity and practicality and at the same time looking elegant.

Here are some tips on how to wear A-line skirts:

Choose A-line skirts with fine or restrained flares. A-line skirts that are too wide are good for casual events. However, it is best to choose narrower, fine, and restrained flares.

You need to make sure that the waist fits well on you. Wearing an A-line skirt that doesn’t fit your waist makes you look like a hanger. It would seem that the skirt is just hanging on you. A high-waist A-line skirt would also do the trick and make you look sexier.

Wearing a sexy top could enhance your overall look. Snug tops are safe and fashionable because the A-line skirt widens at the hem. The combination of a loose bottom and a snug top would help in enhancing your figure. Loose tops paired with A-line skirts are major no-nos. These will just make you seem shabby.

Also, a colorful tucked in t-shirt or tank top would go well with an A-line skirt. Accessorize with a braided belt and wear flip-flops. It will make you look happy-go-lucky and comfortable.

Topping the A-line skirt with a lop-sided blouse or sweater would look fashionable. A wide belt as an accessory just does the trick. Wear chic boots or comfy heels. If you want more attention, you can add accessories like daring jewelry.

When you want to look casual and at the same time a little business-like, pair the A-line skirt with an oxford shirt or a round-neck sweater. Simple earrings and watch would amplify the look. Wear boots to make you more fashionable.

Look more business-like by topping a silk blouse matching the color of your A-line skirt. A simple belt and closed pumps. Finish your business-like look through wearing conventional jewelries.

Mixing and matching an A-line skirt with different tops can result in many different gorgeous looks. Try to experiment and see which match is right for you.


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