How To Wear Animal Prints

Animal prints are very trendy, but it's notoriously hard to wear them without committing a fashion faux-paux. Make sure that you are wearing them correctly before you step out the door. The key to wearing animal prints is to keep it subtle and do your best not to overdo it. Here's how to wear animal prints:

  1. Start with an accessory piece. If you've never worn animal prints before, start with a small accessory, like a zebra striped bangle, a leopard print handbag, or a cheetah belt. This is an easy way to wear animal prints without worrying about how you look. Pair these patterns with solid colored items.
  2. Don't mix prints. Never mix one animal print with another, and avoid wearing animal print apparel with other types of prints in the same outfit, or it will look cluttered and mismatched. Instead, wear one animal print piece with basics and solid colors. Avoid wearing animal print from head to toe in several different pieces of apparel, even if it's supposed to look like the same animal species.
  3. Consider where you wear the print. When purchasing animal print clothes, be aware that the bold print will call attention to whichever part of the body is clothed in animal print, so be sure to wear the animal print on your best assets. Wear the print on only your top or bottom half, unless it's a dress. Animal print pants and a jacket in the same outfit will look like either pajamas or a Halloween costume, and it's an extremely dated look.
  4. Use minimal accessories. The bold lines of animal print apparel will draw attention to that item of clothing. Avoid wearing competing accessories. Instead, pair animal print with a pair of black pumps and a simple black belt, with minimalist jewelry instead of statement pieces.
  5. Consider your personal style. If your style is more tailored and conservative, pair animal-print pieces with neutral and solid outfits. If you enjoy bolder and more creative styles, you can pair animal prints with bright colors or even neons. Dark denim, black, white, khaki, grey, and red are all classics that are typically worn with animal prints. Don't try to wear animal prints every day, unless you incorporate them into smaller accessories like your handbag or a bracelet.
  6. Wear the right cuts. Be sure that your animal print pieces fit just as well as your other clothing. Avoid too revealing items like tight pants and low-cut tops; these can look especially trashy in animal print. For the best effect, wear animal prints cut in classic and conservative lines like a knee-length skirt, simple blouse, or tasteful sheath dress.

Animal print looks can be classy and elegant, or dated and too cluttered. If you're not sure how to wear animal prints, start small, and slowly work a few animal print pieces into your wardrobe. A little goes a long way when wearing animal prints.


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