How To Wear Ballet Leg Warmers

Wearing ballerina costume

If you want to add instant funkiness to your skirt, wearing leg warmers can do the trick. Leg warmers are similar to knee-high socks, only footless and mostly worn just below the knee. Other leg warmers cover the entire foot and other varieties are as long as the thigh’s lower part.

With this unique structure, leg warmers are considered to be great addition to fashion. But originally, classic dancers like ballet dancers wore leg warmers. For them, leg warmers are not fashion accessories. For dancers, these are important parts of their attire, which keep their lower calf warm. They believe that by doing this, they can prevent injuries related to dancing.

Start reaping the benefits from wearing leg warmers by adding them to your ballet dancing outfit. Follow the guidelines below when wearing ballet leg warmers:

  • Wear it before you leave home. The ballet teacher might not allow you to wear the leg warmers while taking the class. So, the best time to warm up those legs is by wearing the warmers before you go to the ballet class. The time you’ll spend for the transportation will be enough to give your legs enough warmth.
  • Fold it down before warming up. Wear your ballet shoes and then fold your leg warmers down until they are covering only up to the ankles. Doing warm up while wearing the leg warmers will reduce experiencing sore ankle and strain.
  • Remove it in class. Take off the leg warmers after the warming up and before the start of ballet class. The leg warmers might only limit your movement while dancing on the floor. If you’re comfortable, you can also fold the warmers up so they will be out of your teacher’s sight during the ballet class.
  • Wear the leg warmers again. Cover your legs with the leg warmers again after the ballet class and before the cooling down exercise or stretching. Doing so will provide warmth for the leg muscles again.
  • Continue wearing the leg warmers until you get home. Wear the leg warmers during transit, until you get back home. The warmers will look great with a skirt, low-heeled boots, jeans, and flats. Having these on is a stylish way of warming your legs.

It’s best that you buy leg warmers made especially for ballet dancers. Most of these warmers are made out of wool, synthetic fibers, cotton, and chenille. Any of these can surely provide warmth for the legs while giving you a unique sense of style.

Besides dancers, leg warmers are also common to cyclists. Their warmers are made for the same purpose as for the dancers. The only difference is that manufacturers have engineered the warmers to survive a cyclist’s lifestyle.

Although leg warmers obviously provide warmth, still, other dancers and specialists are in doubt about the benefits of warming the legs before any exercise. At least, there is no known harm of using leg warmers to warm up your legs before you go on a ballet dancing. What’s only undeniable is that leg warmers can also serve as your fashion statement.


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