How To Wear Clothes that Make You Look Slimmer

Do you believe in illusion? This is evident in our everyday living. And the good news is, illusion can be applied on clothes so you may look slimmer. Imagine, you don’t need to workout endless hours or diet to death just to be slimmer for real. All you need is the right choice of clothes and the confidence to wear what you will wear. Besides, your clothes are the easiest and fastest ways to make you look like you have lost 20 pounds.

Here are some tricks on how you can wear clothes that will make you look thinner:

  • Wear slimming colors. Maybe you have heard the saying that black makes you look slimmer. That is not only a popular belief but a scientific truth, too. Wearing all black will surely make you look thinner. However, all-black fashion will be very uncomfortable and non-stylish during other seasons, especially summer. Wearing all-black can be repetitive and boring, too.
The trick here is to wear other dark colors, not only black. You can try dark green burgundy, chocolate brown, or navy blue. Wearing only one color will be more slimming. But this can be so boring. Don’t worry because you can use accessories to liven up your look.
  • Wear slimming patterns. It’s not enough that you buy dark-color clothes. It will be better to avoid clothes with bold patterns or horizontal stripes. These can add pounds to your look. Instead, choose vertical stripes. These will give a taller and thinner illusion for your figure.
  • Choose the perfect fit. People who have flabby stomachs or saggy legs tend to choose larger clothes that can hide all these imperfections. Ironically, wearing very loose clothing will make you look bigger than your real size. On the other hand, wearing tight-fitting clothes will only expose the imperfections of your body. The key here is to choose the perfectly fitted clothes—not too loose and not too tight. It should be big enough to hide imperfections but not too big to make you look bigger.
  • Highlight your best spot. Which part of your body is the most physically pleasing? The clothes you will wear should draw the attention to that body part. For example, if you have bigger breasts, it’s best that you wear V-neck clothes and wear a long necklace that will end on the cleavage. This way, people will not notice your flabby tummy anymore. They will only look at your gorgeous front.
  • Stick with one brand. Find a brand that creates cloth designs for your size. It’s hard to find the perfect match if you are not slim. So, once you’ve found the right brand, stick to wearing their clothes.

Remember, wearing clothes is only a temporary remedy for your overweight problem. Exercise and dieting are still the best solution to your problem. If you’re not fueled up to do it for improving your physical appearance, at least, try to have a slimmer body for your health.

It is not healthy to have bigger tummy. You will be prone with many deadly diseases. By being fit, you will also have a slimmer body. Say goodbye to illusions and say hello to reality.


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