How To Wear Colored Tights

Colored tights are making a comeback in the fashion world. But you have to know how to wear them properly to avoid being the laughing stock of your town. Here are some pointers to help you wear colored tights appropriately.

Step 1

Understand the term ‘denier'. Before you purchase a pair of colored tights, you should know some basic ‘tights' terminology. The word ‘denier' refers to the sheerness of a pair of tights. The lower the denier of the tights, the sheerer the hosier will look when you wear it. The level of denier you choose is totally determined by your preference, but some seasons and colors are better with certain levels of denier on your colored tights.

Step 2

Wear bland colors if your outfit is colorful. If you are going to wear colored tights, you need to seriously consider how they will look with your attire that day. That is, unless you want to look like a circus clown who just jumped through a rainbow, only one part of your wardrobe can really scream ‘look at my color!'. So if your outfit consists of bold colors like red, orange, burgundy and green, your colored tights need to be a bit toned down. In this case, opt for neutral, black, gray, brown or beige colored tights.

On the other hand, if your outfit is relatively neutral in tone, you can really jazz up your look with some colorful tights. When wearing beige, brown, white or black as your top or bottom, you can go all out with the color of your tights. Choose vibrant colors like red, orange, purple, pink turquoise and even striped colored tights to really make a statement.

Step 3

Ensure your colored tights are appropriate for the season. They say that with fashion, anything goes. But you really do need to consider the season when you're getting dressed in your colored tights. Not every shade of colorful tights is going to compliment your look and be appropriate to wear during every season. So you need to pick colored tights that reflect the colors of the season if you don't want to stand out. For the colder months, choose deeper colors like red, purple, burgundy, purple, brown, gray and even black. Higher deniers are preferable. For warmer months, you can opt for more fun and vibrant colored tights like a vibrant turquoise or a striking magenta. Lower deniers are okay in this case. As long as your tights offset your shirt and skirt selection, colorful tights in just about any bright shade are fine for the summer months.

Step 4

Avoid lighter shades of colored tights. Even though you may be tempted to wear a colored tight that is a lighter tone, don't. Lighter colored tights do nothing for your figure, and actually make you look aged! So don't even consider buying or wearing peach, pale yellow, beige or light pink colored tights unless you want the fashion police to come after you. The only way these shades of colored tights would ever be acceptable is if you paired them with some fishnets or a textured stocking overtop.


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