How To Wear Fall Colors

The falling leaves may be melodramatic. But the colors of fall are not that dramatic. In fact, every fall, oranges, yellows, and reds dominate the fashion color. Although the world is starting to prepare for winter, still, you can be as vibrant as spring or summer. That is, by following the fashionable colors of fall.

Wear clothes and accessories with colors belonging to fall. Here are some color ideas that are perfect for fall:

  • Beige. This color never goes out of fall style. It can match almost all skin tones, too. Beige is a flexible color that it goes well with both dark and bright colors.
  • Black. Fall symbolizes preparation for winter and so, black is in. Like beige, black is a very flexible color that you can match it with any colors. Most people would even wear all-black for fall. They would accentuate it with a bright-color accessory for a different twist.
  • Earthy colors. Imagine the color of the earth—count in browns, greens, rusts, and yellows. These will be great to symbolize the aura of the fall season.
  • Light and white. This can be contrasting to black but nevertheless, white and other light color like yellow and orange are in during spring. If you want to be pop and youthful, these colors will be perfect for fall.
  • Green. Hues of green are all-time favorite during fall. Olive green, alpine green, and pastel greens will be perfect to go with the color of nature. Dresses in greens are always hot during fall.
  • Blue. Not all blues can go well with the fall, though. Better skip navy blues and grays. These are big no-nos for fall. But then, there’s no stopping you from wearing these colors if you feel like wearing them for fall.
  • Yellows. Runways during fall will never be successful without the hues of yellow. Yellow sweaters, jackets, and pants will always be in for the fall.

Following the color guide above should give you a head start on how to wear fall colors. But despite choosing the fashionable colors, you still have to consider other things. Read the tips below for more details:

  • Consider your personal coloring. You have a different hair color, skin color, and eye color. The fall colors you will wear should match your personal colors. For example, earthy browns, olive green, and rusts will be perfect for people with dark eyes and reddish hair. People with lighter eyes, on the other hand, will be more fashionable with copper, terra cotta, and sea green.
  • Express yourself. Fashion trend is only a guide on what’s in and what’s not. If you feel like breaking the fashion guide, then you are free to do it. Try to wear summer colors during fall or try to match winter colors with spring colors. The important thing is that you are proud and happy of what you are wearing. Without comfort and satisfaction, fashion will be nothing but a frustration.

Experiment and try different color combinations for your outfit. Only by doing this that you can get the hang of choosing the right colors for the fall. Also, familiarize the trendy colors by scanning magazines. Designers’ ideas will provide your needed inspiration.


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