How To Wear French Knickers

From the 1940's up to the 1970's, so-called French knickers or tap pants were popular underwear. If you think this sexy lingerie is already passe, you never could have been more wrong, as French knickers are becoming a fad again. These sexy clothing items come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, so you could say that there's most likely one that's right for you. Among many undergarment types, French knickers are one of the very few that has too much flexibility and versatility. You can wear them under any pants or skirt, thus they can be the perfect underwear for whatever special or not-so-special occasion that you may be attending.

If you want to learn how to wear French knickers, read on for tips and ideas.

  • Match your French knickers style and your body. There are French knickers with slim or wide legs. There are high-rise and low-rise knickers. There are knickers that you need to fasten with lace, and there are also the mesh styles. Practically everyone can find French knickers that will make each one appear sexier while remaining comfortable enough to wear them daily.
  • Prep your butt area and your legs. When you wear French knickers, those areas will get more public exposure than they're used to. Therefore, make sure they'll be pleasant to look at and stand up to public scrutiny. Shave your hairy legs or wax them. If you choose to shave them, make sure that you lubricate properly with a good shaving cream. Exfoliate those areas with an exfoliating scrub so that they will look smooth and nice. Don't let those two areas dry up; make sure they are adequately moisturized so your skin will not appear flaky.
  • Get yourself a tan. Although this is optional, many women tan themselves in preparation for wearing French knickers, as the tan can give them a sexy glow that heightens the effects of the knickers. A tan also tends to cover up flabs and skin flaws.
  • Choose the right style. If you want the classic look, go for the French knickers that hang down your thigh loosely. It usually has a flat strip or band at the front waist, and a garter or some elastic band at the back and sides. Decide, too, whether you want laced edges or small bows or ribbons at the sides. Some knickers are softer and silkier than others, so smoothness and softness can be a factor, too.
  • Enjoy wearing them. Nothing beats the comfort of wearing French knickers, but some women feel a little shy and anxious about wearing them because such lingerie used to be associated with women of ill repute. This is not necessarily the same case. Not all women who wear French knickers are loose women. Instead, most women do wear them because doing so makes them feel relaxed and pampered.

French knickers are very sexy and very feminine lingerie pieces. They are light and elegant, as well. Provided you picked the right style that suits your fancy and that you wear it confidently, you'll be able to say that you feel as if you're not wearing any underwear at all.


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