How To Wear Tight Jeans

If you want to look your sexy best, you cannot go wrong with a pair of tight jeans. They were designed to cling to your legs, accentuating their sleek contour and allow you to show off your well-sculpted thighs and calves. If you can pull them off that is. There is no question that tight jeans were made with making the wearer look sultry and stunning but they only do so if the wearer can successfully put them on. Here is how to wear tight jeans:

  • The right tight jeans. So how does one go about looking for the right pair of tight jeans? Well, first off, when you are at the store’s fitting room, putting them on, can you actually wear them? It will take a lot pulling and tugging but eventually you should be able to wear them. If you cannot get them on, find another pair. That is the first step. The next step is to see if you are still breathing. You may have been able to wear them but if they are slowly crushing your waist, you should get those off right away. Even if you got them on, if your tummy is spilling over, you should get another pair. Lastly, can you move around with them? The wrong tight jeans can limit your range of movement so see if you can walk around. Move your legs a bit. Try to sit down. Have your pants ripped? If they haven’t, you are good to go. There is no such thing as torn tight jeans.
  • Selecting the right shirt. Now that you have got the bottom part of your wardrobe, it is time to find the top half. This will all depend on your personal style really but just remember that tight jeans are designed to make you look sexy so when you are contemplating on what else to put on, dress to kill! For guys, an ill-fitting shirt can ruin the whole thing and for girls, try something a little bit more dangerous but nothing too revealing.
  • Putting on the correct shoes. Virtually any pair of shoes, for as long as they are not torn or dirty will go well with your tight pants. Clean kicks are the best pair of shoes, no matter how old or unpopular they can be. Make sure they have been shined and washed before stepping out and they will go great with your pants.
  • Accessories. If it does not make it too tight around your waist, you can wear a belt. Simple belt buckles are fine for more upscale events while you can wear novelty belt buckles are okay at parties.
  • Wearing the right pair of underwear. If you are wearing form-fitting pants, you should go with similar underwear. Loose undies might not be too comfortable under your jeans. For the guys though, make sure that you have enough room down there for the family jewels to breathe.
  • Fitting into the jeans. Of course, you have to continue to be able to fit into your tight jeans. Even after you manage to put them on the first time the battle is far from over. Exercising and eating the right food will allow you to continue wearing your tight jeans unless you do not mind them taking permanent residence under all your other clothes. Wearing tight jeans does not end after you have taken them off after a night of partying but it continues on because you have to maintain your body if you want to wear them again.

Unfortunately, tight jeans are not for everybody. If you do not have the right body type forget about wearing them well, you have to worry about getting them on first. However, if you are one of the few lucky ones who can get them on with ease, just be true to your own style and watch your diet and you will look great.


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