How To Wear Tweed

Tweed is a beautiful material that boasts quality and class. But if you're struggling with how to wear it properly, you're not alone. Follow this guide on how to wear tweed so that you can rest assured that you both look and feel great when you get dressed today.

Step 1

Wear tweed in the right season. Tweed is a thicker fabric, so it is best worn during the fall and winter months. Sure, you can pull it off at any time of year, but it's most appropriate in colder weather. Wear it when you feel the need to stay warm!

Step 2

Don't wear too much tweed at once. Even though you got a great deal on the entire tweed suit, it's not a good idea to wear too much tweed at once. This is because it is possible to overdo tweed. It is best worn in small amounts. So pick one part of your outfit to be tweed. Perhaps you've got a great tweed jacket that you want to pair with some cute flared trousers. Or maybe you want to wear your tweed pants today. Fine! Just don't pair tweed with tweed. Choose a loose fitting chiffon blouse to go with a tweed skirt or pant so as not to make your outfit too overwhelming.

Step 3

Age plays a factor in how much tweed you can wear. Believe it or not, the older you get, the harder it is to wear tweed. Sadly, it's true. On older figures, tweed tends to give off too much of a matronly look and feel. And you wouldn't want to age yourself, right? Younger women tend to have the look that can pull off tweed best. So as you age, start to pare down your tweed wardrobe.

Step 4

Wear tweed along with lots of color. Since tweed is often dull in color, pair this woven fabric with bright and cheerful tops or bottoms. Look for dull hues in the weave of your tweed and then pick out a great top or even a fabulous accessory that will compliment your tweed garment. A colorful neck scarf worn with a cream-colored chiffon blouse is a great combination to wear with tweed. Likewise, bring some color to your outfit with a great handbag or clutch purse. You don't want to be too well-matched with your outfit. So choose small splashes of color to wear in your accessories or tops instead of pairing tweed with anything that is dull in color or woven in texture.

Step 5

Choose textures that will complement your tweed. Tweed has a very strong presence. It's thick and sturdy and can sometimes seem even a bit harsh. You can easily tone down the hard look of tweed by pairing it with some softer textures. Silk is pretty much the extreme opposite of tweed, and so it matches perfectly with tweed. Pair tweed pants with a flowing silk top. Or wear a silk tank top under a cute tweed jacket. If your pumps are tweed, then try wearing a great gossamer skirt. Again, it all comes down to pairing tweed with complimentary colors, fabrics and textures in order to wear it properly.


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