How To Wear Ugg Boots Properly

Ugg boots are sheepskin boots that originate in Australia. These warm and comfortable boots are great to slip onto your feet when it's cold outside. Many people think that Ugg wearers need a wake up call because they wear them all day, every day, no matter the occasion. Here's how to wear Ugg boots properly:

  1. Choose the right pair. Ugg boots come in many versatile colors. Darker neutral tones will mark dirt better than the lighter shades, which tend to look worn-out faster. Ugg boot styles range from short to tall. If you don't want to choose the classic Ugg style, which some people think is too trendy and overdone since it has been seen on popular celebrities for several years now, there are many other styles of Ugg shoes and boots from which you can choose.
  2. Wear them with the right attire. Ugg boots are best worn with skinny jeans (tucked into the boots), or with leggings and a skirt. The style of Ugg boots is casual and laid-back, so don't try too hard to dress them up for formal occasions or office wear. They can be worn with sweats, too, but save this look for lounging around your house. Wear leggings or tights with your Uggs, if you wish, but never socks. Ugg boots are designed to be worn barefoot, and the soft sheepskin liner will pull moisture away from your feet while keeping them toasty warm.
  3. Wear them only in appropriate weather. Uggs are a winter staple, but you may see women wearing them with mini skirts or shorts in the summertime. Don't do this! If it's warm enough for these summer clothes, it's not cold enough to wear Uggs. Wear Ugg boots properly by leaving them in your closet unless the weather warrants a pair of warm sheepskin boots.
  4. Avoid wet conditions. Though waterproof, they shouldn't be worn when it's pouring down rain. If you do wear them frequently in wet weather, apply a water resistant spray to help them shed water. Otherwise, it will soak into your boots and may stain them. Wearing boots in muddy weather will make them look dingy much faster than wearing them only in dry weather.
  5. Replace or clean them when needed. Eventually, your Ugg boots will start to look worn out, especially if you frequently wear them in the rain or mud. Never try to use a clothing machine to wash or dry your boots, because this will ruin their soft texture. There are cleaning products made specifically for Ugg boots. Eventually, you will need to replace your boots; don't try to wear them every day for months in a row, or your boots will start to look old.

Ugg boots are an incredibly warm footwear style that's perfect for wearing outdoors during the cold winter months. Lined with sheepskin, they will keep your feet warm and dry all winter long. However, this trendy footwear style may look a little silly if you don't know how to wear Ugg boots properly.


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