How To Wear Velvet

Velvet is the fabric for this winter season, for its warm material and its versatility as an evening wear or casual piece. However, not only is velvet expensive, it is also a tricky fashion piece to pull off, and the wrong way of wearing it can result in a hideous look.

Here are tips in wearing velvet:

  • Put on only one velvet item at any one time. Add only a little velvet in your look, whether it’s your handbag, skirt, footwear or dress. The velvet will be the center of your attire for the rest of the evening.   
  • Complement it with classic accessories. A velvet item automatically becomes the centerpiece of your outfit, so your jewelry has to be toned down to avoid distracting from it. A cocktail ring, gold chains or a simple necklace will do; the style of the necklace should be based on the neckline you prefer. Going without jewelry is also acceptable, and will make the velvet stand by itself.
  • Wear velvet during autumn or winter. While formal velvet wear can be worn all-year round, stick to the colder months when wearing casual pieces.
  • Velvet skirt. Wear a silk blouse with a similar shade, or put on a cotton shirt. Velvet skirts are meant to be slim and fit, so have one tailored for your body if you have to.
  • Velvet shorts. Keep the rest of your attire simple. Wear solid, toned-down colors that won’t distract from the shorts.
  • Velvet blouses. They can make you look too formal, so you can offset them by wearing jeans and boots. Check on the design, the color and the size to see if it matches you. If you are buying your first velvet top, you can’t go wrong with neutral hues like blue and cream. Finally, inspect the buttons: big buttons are going out of style, so it’s safer to choose smaller sizes.
  • Velvet pants. Choose dark-colored items and leave the green and purple velvet leggings to little girls. Pair it up with a similarly-shaded blazer and black boots then contrast it with a glamorous statement necklace.
  • Velvet dresses. Turn away from bulky and baggy dresses; velvet is meant for slinky numbers such as cocktail dresses. Long-sleeved and long-skirted velvet dresses should have at least an enticing back or a revealing slit to counteract the formal appearance.
  • Avoid an all-velvet attire. Velvet is meant to be worn minimally. Don’t put on velvet pants with velvet jacket. The only exception is a velvet tracksuit, an even then the rest of the outfit must be kept simple, such as a solid-colored tank top and basic sneakers.

Velvet is a very feminine material and evokes the image of little girls, so the trick in wearing it is to project sophistication. Keep your velvet wardrobe dark and classic, and contrast it with gender-free fabrics like leather and simple, bold accessories such as hoops. Velvet also connotes wealth, so piling on jewelry and other expensive pieces or wearing elaborate designs smack of excess and vulgarity. Finally, don’t wear velvet if you’re a heterosexual male.


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