How To Wear White Jeans

Having an awesome pair of white jeans can be a very useful addition to your wardrobe. They are a neutral color that can make any previously drab outfit pop. These pants can be used in a variety of outfits and settings making them very practical to have. You can look really good in a pair of white jeans if you know how to pull it off correctly. Often, white jeans are used in the wrong situations or are not properly taken care of wasting their potential thus giving them a bad reputation. Truthfully, they are very easy to use. Here is how to wear white jeans:

  • Never wear colored underwear. One of the biggest and most embarrassing mistakes you can make is to wear colored underwear underneath your white jeans. People will be able to see your undies.
  • Do not wear them too tight. This is similar to the first rule. If you wear a pair of tight white pants, you are inviting everyone to stare at you. Sure, you will be shapely but you will also be trashy.
  • Ebony and ivory. You can never go wrong with the classic black and white look. Go simple or go dramatic, whatever suits you and the situation. A black and white striped tee with your white pants is a good monochromatic look.
  • All white. Contrary to popular belief, you can go all white if you wish. Pairing a white top with your white pants works if you add big gold or bronze jewelry and shoes to accent your look.
  • The length. White jeans should rest comfortably around your ankle. If they are too long, they will bunch up on top of your shoes or worse, get trampled on as you walk.
  • Bright colors. Bright, neon colors like a pink or yellow go well with white pants. Layer your outfit by wearing your colorful top over a white undershirt.
  • Seasonal outfits. Go for a nautical look in the spring with a navy and white striped shirt with a navy sweater coat and your white jeans. You can wear a white long-sleeved top and brown sweater vest with brown boots for a simple fall look. In the autumn, a pair of flats paired with a soft, silky sweater is a good combination. And yes, you can even wear your white pants in the winter. Go with a pair of boots, sweater and scarf during the cold months.
  • Top it all off. What tops work best with white denim? Tunics, bohemian-themed tops, nautical, empire lines and knitted shirts.
  • Taking care of your white jeans. Best not to use white pants if you are going to have a messy dinner since sauces will completely ruin your night. Do not spill your beer or wine as well. When washing them, just follow the instructions of the manufacturer and you will be fine.

Add a pair of white jeans to your wardrobe now. They make for a variety of uses and as long as you wear them with confidence you will absolutely be able to pull them off.


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