How To Wear Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are very comfortable, but not every style suits every body type. If you're thinking of wearing this baggier style of trouser, you should first consult this guide on how to wear wide leg pants.

Step 1

Be aware of your body type. Not anyone can pull off a wide leg pant. You've got to know which body types look best in each style of wide leg or flare jeans. If you are tall, you can choose a wider leg or flare. But if you're smaller, shorter or just generally petite, too much wide leg can leave you swimming in your pants! For these figures, slimmer-legged pants with a subtle flare look best. And if you have a pear body shape (average torso, wider hips), then opt for wide leg pants that flare out just below your knee. This will help to balance your larger hips. As you can see, not every style of wide leg pants suits every body type. Consider your shape before you purchase wide leg pants.

Step 2

Wide leg pants should balance out your look. Because wide leg pants are, by nature, bulkier, they need to be paired with a relatively slim-fitting top. Now, we're not talking about tight-fitting here, ladies. We're talking slim and fitted. A top or blouse made of lightweight fabrics that almost hangs over your shoulders and slightly shows off your curves is perfect. (Yes, you will need to tuck in your top to make your wide leg pants look best.) And ensure that your top does not extend past your hip width. The wide leg pants need to be the widest part of your outfit.

Step 3

Color is your friend. Almost every body type looks better in a pair of dark pants as opposed to light or colorful ones. So use this color secret to your advantage. A dark-wash pant trims your figure, making your look instantly slimmer! Blue, black, brown and even indigo are ideal colors for your wide leg pants if you want them to slim down your body.

Step 4

You've just got to have the right shoes. The best type of shoe to wear with a wide leg pant is one that will add height. The wide leg pant will already elongate your leg, but why not add a few extra inches? Choose a pair of heels, pumps or boots to go with your wide leg pants. Together with the flare in your bottoms, these shoes will make you look taller and thinner. And who wouldn't want that?

Step 5

Make sure you define your waist. And finally, if you're going to wear a pair of wide leg pants, you must accessorize them with a belt. Otherwise, you'll lose your waist line and you won't be taking full advantage of the slimming qualities of flared pants. Choose a wide cinch belt to go with your pants in order to show off your lovely waist. Or, tuck your shirt in all the way and wear a cute thin belt (a gold or silver one would be great with dark pants!). This trick, along with the others mentioned, helps you to maximize the slimming potential offered by wide leg pants.


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