How To Wear Your Maxi Dress

Want to try a new look? Why not put on a maxi dress? Do not let its almost gaudy size fool you, maxi dresses can make either great casual or formal wear making them one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you could ever purchase. With the right accessories and style, you can look just as brilliant as any Hollywood starlet. Take a chance you’re your own dress now! Here is how to wear your maxi dress:

  • Maxi accessories. Because you are wearing a maxi dress, your accessories have to be “maxi-sized” too. Big accessories go with big dresses making you look fab and glam! Go with giant bracelets, large hoops on your arms and wrists and a long, intricate necklace around your neck. A pair of gaudy sunglasses will do the trick as well as wearing a large, tasteful sun hat. You’ll keep the sun out of your eyes and look great too! You can also tie a long, colorful scary around your head if you do not want to wear a hat. Cover your hair with it like a giant hairband and wear the excess down the back of your neck. Wearing a belt just below your chest or on your waist keeps you from looking boxy. An oversized handbag or purse will complete your gorgeous outfit, even large tote bags should work just as well. Maxi dresses call for the biggest, most eye-pooping accessories and will turn you into an LA celebrity!
  • Shoes. For your feet, strappy sandals work best especially if they have large décor. You can pair your maxi dress with closed flats as well but generally sandals work best. If your dress reaches just above your ankles, you can wear cute flip flops. Longer maxis call for sandals with wedges or heels. Choose the heels that will make you look especially glamorous and feminine; you do not want to look frumpy and sort of like a witch!
  • For petite girls. Even if you are kind of short, you can still make that maxi dress work for you! If you are afraid of drowning in a sea of fabric, buy a dress that is more form-fitting and does not hang as loose. Pick a dress that clings to your shape rather than one that is falling off of it. Wrap a belt around your waist to cut your dress into sections to avoid looking like a tent. A maxi dress with a V-neck is perfect for smaller girls. Avoid ones with large, horizontal patterns.
  • For plus size women. Maxi dresses with halter or thick straps are perfect for women with large bust sizes. When choosing between dresses with larger or tiny prints, go with the larger ones since they will complement your figure better. Darker colored dresses work the best too. Again, V-necks and styles that cling closely to your body are the best choices for maxi dresses.

What are you waiting for? Put on your maxi dress tonight whether you are going to a fancy restaurant, watching a movie or going to the game. You can never go wrong with a maxi dress.


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