How To Wear Your Pre-Pregnancy Clothes Longer

While it is a wonderful moment in life, pregnancy does bring its share of frustrations. One of these is the fact that your single clothes will no longer fit you for a couple of months. But with a little know-how, you can wear your pre-pregnancy clothes a little longer without affecting your delicate stage.

Here are some ideas on wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes longer:

  • Wear your jeans with the top button undone. Pull up your zipper as high as it will go and cover the rest with a long blouse that goes past the button. Secure your jeans with a belt using the notches you’ve hardly used till now, or loop an elastic material around the button then insert it in the button hole. You can also hide the free button with a sash or a wide belt. All these techniques will give you an additional inch to two of waist space, which translates to several weeks of keeping your pre-pregnancy clothes.
  • Wear a loose, button-down shirt over your fit blouses. By dressing in layers, you can expose the top part of your fit blouse while hiding the expanding lower half with the covering shirt. Even better, your fit blouse will accentuate your growing bosom. For office work, wear a company blazer to hide the fact that your blouses are stretching as the weeks go by.
  • Add extra notches on your belts. Use a hammer and an appropriate-sized nail to create a hole in your belt when the existing notches are no longer enough. Nail both sides of the hole to widen it. When you no longer have enough material to fit into the loop, however, it’s time to give up the belt.
  • Use suspenders. Suspenders can give you a classic look while keeping your pants up when belts no longer have enough notches to fit you. You can even try invisible suspenders, which can be concealed under your top.
  • Use belly bands. These elastic bands of fabric hold up your pants while giving the effect of being part of a layered look.
  • Wear a loose shirt over your bathing suit. You may secure the bottom set of buttons. A poncho, a creatively wrapped sarong or even your husband’s shirts can also work.
  • Add an elastic band the top of your skirts and slacks. A seamstress can modify the back part of the skirt with a fabric that stretches as your waist grows bigger. This can work very well for peasant skirts and pleated varieties. What’s more, they can contract back to shape, allowing you to wear them once again after giving birth.

Accept the idea that you will eventually have to abandon your pre-pregnancy outfits at some point in your pregnancy. Not only is denying the truth going to lead to a fashion crime, but the pressure on your distended belly can harm your unborn child. Just count to the number of days left before you give birth, add several weeks to go back to your former shape, and then welcome your old clothes once again. To be safe, keep your belly bands and suspenders until you are fully back in shape.


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