How To Find Kinetic Watch Brands

Kinetic watches have challenged battery operated quartz watches and automatic watches with their so-called “battery-less” feature. Using kinetic energy to power the watch’s movement, such watches are more environment-friendly, convenient and practical compared to battery-operated ones. No battery replacement or winding is needed.

Kinetic energy is the energy that the human body generates through motion. A kinetic watch consists of a semi-circular pendulum that swings back and forth within every flail of the wrist. This pendulum creates an electrical charge, which is then stored in a capacitor. Instead of battery, a kinetic watch uses a capacitor that acts as a rechargeable battery. If not in use, the capacitor can store charge and keep the watch working accurately for at least a month or even six months for some models. However, winder watches can stay unused for longer periods. Some kinetic watch models have this power saving feature, wherein the watch senses inactivity for hours and goes to sleep. It can stay suspended for four years at most. To revive it, it just needs a little shake, then it displays the exact time.

Different brands have created kinetic watches, and not only that, they have included some outstanding features that former kinetic watches do not have.

1.    Seiko – Seiko created its first kinetic prototype in 1986, called “AGM”. Since then, this kinetic watch has become in demand for being environmentally friendly, long lasting and high performance. In 1998, Seiko Kinetic Auto Relay was launched, and its outstanding “at rest” feature of up to 4 years allows it to conserve energy then wakes up to its exact time.

Other Seiko Kinetic Models:

  • SEIKO Kinetic Chronograph – A combination of features of a Kinetic Watch and a traditional chronograph
  • Seiko Kinetic Drive – Aside from the flailing of the wrist to generate kinetic energy, the wearer can also create energy by winding the crown.
  • Seiko Kinetic Perpetual – Offers the convenience of a watch having a mechanical perpetual calendar and auto relay feature.
  • Seiko Direct Drive Moon Phase – This has a one month power reserve, power reserve indicator, real time power indicator and a moon-phase indicator.
  • Seiko Retrograde Day Indicator – Has power reserve indication button and day of the week indicator.
  • Seiko Kinetic GMT – Includes a Greenwich Meridian Time hand.

2.    Fossil – Models FS4171 and FS4132 are for people who want to avoid battery replacements. FS4171 displays a red rotor that allows you to witness its movement as it charges the watch with every flail of the wrist.

3.    Longines Master Collection – At a very expensive price of $2,200, this stainless steel watch offers not just a simple kinetically powered watch but also a combination of moon phase indicator, date display, and water resistance up to 30 meters.

4.    Steinhausen - Kinetic Chronograph Casual Watch has a colored 24-hour moon/sun dial, day of the month and day of the week.

Some companies like Kinetic Motor Company also use the word “kinetic”. This company is responsible for the scooter revolution in India. Kinetic Motor Company has created a variety of scooters, some of them named Kinetic Blaze and Kinetic Nova. According to reviews, Kinetic Nova is considered a bull, while Kinetic Blaze is a monster on the road. However, Nova has become more popular due to its practicality, beauty and performance.


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