How To Look Good in Leather Pants

One of the reasons we buy leather pants is to accentuate and show off a well-earned tight body. To look good in leather pants, you must start with the basics and how to tone up your hips, thighs and behind. So keep yourself ripped and ready to go when you have a pair of leather pants in your closet.

When choosing the leather pants, most women gravitate towards clean, sleek lines. There may be a special occasion for leather pants with cowboy fringe, but the basic design for normal wear will have few adornments and minimal sized pockets to streamline a well-defined physique.

One of the pitfalls with wearing leather pants is that you want to avoid any bulk, as the texture of the garment shows every lump and bulge. Most designer labels are aware of this and tailor their pants with shallow or mock pockets to keep the leg lines clean, so never use your leather pant pocket for storage, as it will falter your curves. Keys, cosmetics and wallet will have to go in your jacket or purse when wearing your leather pants.

The best part of leather pants is their versatility. The texture goes well with most fabrics, so you can choose a top with confidence; and the colors are varied for mix and match sets. However, to avoid the "biker" look, you may wish to avoid matching your leather pants with a too-similar jacket or tunic. The effect can be overpowering and should be used for appropriate occasions only.

Another benefit of wearing leather pants is the free reign you'll have with belt buckles. What would seem ostentatious for any other kind of pants works well with leather. Try a sparkly belt with a rhinestone buckle for that extra special look. Native American wares made from turquoise and lapis also make a fine color addition to the basic black leather pant.

When shopping for leather pants, be sure you have plenty of room in the waistline. Leather pants should be snug, but not fit you like a banana peel. You may need that extra space of one finger in the waist for certain times of the month when you're prone to water weight gain. Because the texture of the leather has little expansion, you will need the perfect amount of "give" to be sure your pants fit you every time. The added tiny space in the waistline is not that relevant to manufacturer sizes as much as it is to style. So try on as many leather pants as you can to find your perfect match.


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