How To Make a Leeloo Costume

Making the costume of Leeloo from the movie "Fifth Element" can be easy and inexpensive, not to mention fun. Leeloo has two common costumes for you to choose from. There is the notorious "bandages" costume that would require pieces of white fabric that you could find where to place from a picture from the movie and a leotard underneath. However, if you are interested in how to make the "orange suspender" outfit, this article will help you do this.      

  1. The first and most important part of making a Leeloo costume is the cropped orange hair. Looking on the Internet for the wig first will save you a lot of money. Also look at your local Halloween store. If neither of these options works, you can always buy a blond wig and dye it orange or go the distance and crop and color our own hair.
  2. The second thing you need to make your own Leeloo costume is the cropped, white t-shirt. This can be taken care of by buying an already cropped shirt or buying a plain, white, ribbed shirt and crop it yourself. Leeloo had her shirt cropped directly below the breasts, but for those who are more modest, cropping a little longer would be alright too.
  3. The orange suspenders will probably be the most difficult and expensive piece of the Leeloo costume. You can buy the suspenders to your specific size by checking the Internet for websites that may sell them. However, there is also the option of making your own orange suspenders out of vinyl and duct tape. This will make the process more difficult but certainly less expensive.
  4. The next part of making a Leeloo costume is the pants and the belt. The belt is a very simple two inch wide black belt, and this could probably be found at any thrift store. The pants are gold and shiny, so being able to find these is a little more difficult. There are specialty stores that sell the leggings for a Leeloo costume, but all you really need is shiny, gold leggings or pants from any store.
  5. The final piece to the Leeloo costume is the boots. These are simple black, chunky, combat boots. You could probably buy these at any thrift store, but if you can't find any there, you could check any number of cheap shoe stores and find them.

Now you have made a Leeloo costume. Have fun!


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