How To Make Animal Costumes

Making animal costumes can be a great hobby.  Many people do it for a pastime however there are others who make costumes as an occupation.  Some people prefer to use fabric and sew the masterpiece together while others favor taking household items and using their brain to create a work of art.

There are many different costumes you can make by hand.  One great idea for a child is a cat. Here's how to make a child's cat costume.

  • Items you need to make a cat costume would include: brown, black or white hooded sweatshirt, socks, felt, artificial fur (all in matching colors), headband, and a small belt. 
  • Next you take the sweatshirt and draw either stripes, or spots, or whichever pattern you prefer onto the sweatshirt.  Next, you would cut triangles for the ears of the cat and glue them to the headband, making sure to then cut enough felt for a long cat tail. 
  • After that use the artificial fur and glue it on to the stomach of the sweatshirt.  You may then attach the felt tail to the pants using either a safety pin or gluing the tail on directly. 
  • Make sure if you glue it you are using an old pair of pants as the glue may not come off in the wash.  Next, you can have the child wear one pair of socks on their feet and one pair of matching socks on their hands. 
  • After that have the belt for the child to wear loosely around their neck for a collar (be sure to supervise this step).

You can easily transform this costume into a dog or puppy costume as well.  Make sure you replace the triangle ears by cutting out floppy ears.  If you are planning on going trick or treating and are worried about your child getting cold feet from wearing only socks, you can have them wear a pair of shoes with the socks over the pair of shoes.  This will provide a comical effect since animals don’t wear shoes. 

Another suggestion is dying your child’s hair the color of the sweatshirt (and tying in back in a rubber band if their hair is long.)  This is just one more thing that makes it seem a little more real.  An advantage of a child having brown hair is they won’t have to dye it if they wear a brown sweatshirt. 

Anyone can make a costume like this.  It is a cute idea that requires no sewing.


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