How To Make Cat Costumes

A cat costume is a simple costume to create, and can be tailored to be a very cute or a very sexy costume. While it is easier and more common to see a black cat costume, this would also be a great costume idea to try in bright colors too. Most of the pieces of the cat costume are probably already lying around your house and the craft items like felt are inexpensive.

  1. First, let's create a basic and modest cat costume. Find a pair of slim fitting black pants and a long-sleeve black t-shirt. If you don't want to use black, use a different color like gray or brown. You could even make stripes or spots with fabric paint for a more colorful kitty or to make a tiger or leopard.
  2. For the kitty ears, you can either buy a headband with cat ears at a costume store or make your own by gluing two triangular-pieces of black felt to a headband. Another fun variation for the cat ears would be to sew two pieces of felt to the top of a hooded sweatshirt.
  3. For the cat's paws, you can glue pieces of pink felt cut into circles to a black sock. Just attach the felt in a pattern at the bottom of the sock, the part where your toes go, and then slip the socks onto your hands. If you want to be able to move your fingers and hands easily, keep it simple with a pair of black gloves. Attach a cat's tail from a costume shop to the back of the pants or create a tail by cutting a piece of fabric or felt and attaching it to the backside of the costume with a safety pin. A twist for the creation of the tail would be to use part of a marabou boa or part of a Christmas tinsel garland for some sparkle. Finish up this cute cat with some black face paint to make whiskers and a nose. Wear a large collar with a name tag around your neck and play with some stuffed mice.

For a more adult take on this cat costume, try wearing a low-cut blouse instead of a t-shirt. Another sexy idea would be to wear a black leotard and fishnet stockings. Accessorize with high black stilettos and a choker. It might also be a good idea to skip the face paint, at least on your nose.


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