How To Make Costumes for Under the Sea

Wearing mermaid costume

Fishing for a unique costume, but on a tight budget?  Look no further.  You'll be the envy of all of the sea by making this original under the sea costume!  No worries, its construction is simple and costs less than a store bought one!  Let's get swimming with the jellyfish's preparation.

Looking at images of the many varieties of jellyfish will give you a better idea of the type of costume you would like to construct.  Pick a color that stands out for your overall costume so that your jellyfish will not go unnoticed. Here's how to make an under the sea costume!

Our first step is to compile a list of supplies.

You'll need:

  • 1 clear umbrella
  • An iridescent tablecloth or streamers
  • A pastel colored outfit (preferably light pink, purple, or blue)
  • Some clear packing tape or heavy crafting glue
  • A pastel matching backpack (optional)
  • Other decorative items such as sequins or glitter (optional)

The clear umbrella will contribute to the costume by serving as the jellyfish's outer body.  The iridescent tablecloth or streamers will work as the fish's stinging tentacles, known as nematocysts.  If you prefer, the umbrella's handle can be inserted into a matching backpack so that hands are free for trick-or-treating, dancing, or just juggling other items!

To begin, open the umbrella and measure the outer rim so you know the length you'll need to cut of the streamers or tablecloth.  If you choose to use a tablecloth, you'll have to cut fringe to make it look like tentacles.  Make sure to leave about three inches at the top of the tablecloth so as not to cut all the way through it; you'll need this length to be intact so you can glue it to the umbrella.

After measuring around the rim of the umbrella and matching that length with the streamers or cut tablecloth, work in small sections with either tape or heavy crafting glue to adhere the tentacles to the inside rim of the umbrella.

Finish off the jellyfish costume by decorating the umbrella with glitter or sequins.  Reel in the outfit dressed in your pastel clothing with the umbrella over your head, you're ready to go!  If you plan this costume thoughtfully it may end up costing you as little as twenty dollars.  And as a bonus, if it rains, you'll stay completely dry!

Jellyfish are known as the free-swimmers of the ocean world, be a free-swimmer and stand out in the school of fish.  Bait for compliments with this awesome ensemble!


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