How To Make Costumes from the Movie Logan's Run

With a new version coming out, Logan’s Run costumes will be popular for Halloween and Fan conventions. Here's how to make a Logan Run costume.

The distinctive black and gray knit Sandman costumes may be the most demanding Logan’s Run garments to reproduce.

Build the pants and shirt in a black stretch fabric by modifying a commercially available pattern that has the basic lines you wish to achieve then add the gray details.

Study photos available on the internet  to reproduce details of the tool belt and remember this film is sci-fi from the mid 70’s, make sure you have the hair style or wig reflecting the period look of the film.

The Citizen costumes are tunics done in colors specific to the wearer’s age.

For women a soft pink tunic and a Farrah Fawcett style wig will be the iconic look.

Create the age crystal using a plastic jewel with a battery operated red LED light (available at craft and hobby stores) mounted on a jewelry finding - the blinking red gem for the center of the palm is the sign of the “runner” and is the most important costume accessory.

Glue the gem to your palm with spirit gum or good latex makeup adhesive if you have a well-stocked makeup shop in your area.

Citizens reach the age of 30 and go to Carousel where they "renew"; you would wear a caftan that is open and robe-like over a hooded cat suit painted with flames and a modified hockey mask.

Purchasing dance wear avoids having to build skin tight costumes.

There are a wide variety of acrylic fabric paints that make copying the flame patterns on Carousel costumes a simple matter of coloring in a design.

Use a good soft fabric brush when painting on knits and remember the fabric will be stretched so it’s best to paint the items stretched over the special boards you can purchase for fabric painting; you can also cut out corrugated cardboard and cover it carefully with waxed paper.

As with any film-based costume, reproducing looks from Logan’s Run requires attention to detail (details make a costume).

Jenny Agutter’s costume with its distinctive Ankh decorated collar necklace is worth the extra time with silver foil and buckram stiffening to get a finished product that is carefully scaled to closely match the film prop.

Jewelry findings and many of the little details you need for your costumes can be found at hobby big box stores but don’t ignore good thrift shops which can be the costumer’s treasure trove.


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