How To Make Slipknot Costumes

Slipknot is one of the most popular heavy metal bands in the world today, bringing their unique brand of music and fashion to the masses. The members of this nine-piece ensemble are known for their face-obscuring masks and matching jumpsuits, making them one of the most enigmatic, oft-copied bands for costumes today. Here's how to make a costume that looks like one Slipknot might wear.

The first step in planning a Slipknot costume is deciding upon a mask.  If you plan to copy one of the masks from a band member, there are several types of specialty stores that sell this type of item; Spencer Gifts is a good place to start for Halloween masks, as well as eBay and other costume stores.  If you choose to make your own mask, make sure it fits your face exactly, and is unique and slightly grotesque, or unusual.

Slipknot members wear a mask individual to their name in the band, or persona, so create one that fits your personality, or what your name would be if you were in Slipknot.  If you choose to wear no mask, that's okay too, as at least one member of the band doesn't wear a mask; rather, he paints his face white, with black accents.  There is another member who also sometimes chooses this look.  The point is that your face become transformed into something else, through either the use of a mask or paint.

Once the face is in place, it's time to concentrate on attire.  Slipknot started their career with matching jumpsuits, and still utilize this fashion statement most of the time, other times choosing matching shirts and pants instead.  Since their signature colors are black and red, choosing the outfit shouldn't be too hard; in the past, they've been known to wear black flight suits with red armbands, or vice versa.  You can even choose to incorporate the Slipknot logo anywhere possible on the outfit.  

You could also go with a tight-fitting, long-sleeved, black button-up shirt with a red armband and red accents, along with black pants and boots.  This will create a unique Slipknot look.  As before, be sure to put the signature Slipknot "S" logo somewhere prominent.

The flight suit, along with a unique or Slipknot member mask, will complete the easy-to-assemble Slipknot costume and make sure you're complimented on your costume choice no matter where you show it.  

Support your favorite band by letting the world know you're the missing 'Knot member they should have enlisted!


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