How To Make Small Dog Costumes

Dressing your small dog up in costumes is a fun way to bring attention to him or to make him even cuter than he already is. Unfortunately, a quick trip to the store proves that costumes for small dogs can be incredibly expensive. It can also be difficult to find costumes that fit your dog correctly. Here's how to make costumes for your small dog that are cost effective, and easy. All you need is a few basic supplies, a little creativity, and basic sewing skills.

One of the easiest and least expensive costume options is to decorate a hooded sweatshirt. Buy a plain, children's hooded sweatshirt that will fit your dog. You can decorate the sweatshirt simply with paint, appliqués, or gemstones. If you would like to get more advanced, you can also sew other elements onto the sweatshirt to create a more advanced costume. For example, you can make "spikes" out of felt and sew them in a row down the back of the sweatshirt to create a quick and easy dinosaur costume. In warmer climates, you can also buy a children's T-shirt or a plain doggy T-shirt that already fits your dog.

Another easy method for creating small dog costumes is to alter an existing children's costume. If you can find a plush type costume designed for a baby or toddler at a thrift store or yard sale, you can easily convert it into a costume for your pooch. If the costume fits roughly, simply alter the leg and arm holes so they fit your dog correctly, and add a hole for the tail if needed. You may also need to slightly enlarge the neck hole for your dog.

For female dogs, a tutu or simply a skirt is easy to make using only a piece of fabric and elastic. Simply sew the fabric around the elastic, and then sew the two ends of the elastic together to create a circle that wraps around your dog. For a fuller effect, use tulle and bunch it up as you go. A similar method can be used to create full neck bands male or female dogs can wear. These can be part of simple jester or fairy costumes.

With a little creativity, the options for making dog costumes are endless. In addition to being cheaper, homemade costumes are also more personal and are sure to stand out in the crowd!


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