Pick Out Baby Baptism Outfits

Baby girl in her baptism outfit

A baby baptism outfit is as important as a bridal gown in a wedding ceremony. Since a baptism is one special occasion in a person's life, why not make the dress at the center of the ceremony special? Your baby is the prince or the princess of the day. So make sure that he or she is dressed in a fitting manner.

In choosing the right baptism outfit for your baby, you will always be surprised by the number of options. There are a so many kinds of them that it can make you confused in selecting which one perfectly fits the celebration. So before you distribute those invitations and cards, grab a good outfit first. To help you with that task, keep the following in mind.

The Choice of Traditional or Modern

There is really nothing superior between traditional or modern outfits. The choice depends on you. If you want to follow tradition, then there is nothing wrong with that. You may let your baby wear the outfit that you wore when you were baptized or a gift from friends or parents.

On the other hand, you can have your child wear the latest outfit in baptismal fashions. Clothe your baby boy in a tuxedo, and that will not be a problem. What matters here is that you do your child a favor by not taking his comfort for granted.

Getting the Perfect One

Here are some other things that you need to consider when choosing the perfect outfit for your baby. Be careful not to miss one point, because all factors are indeed essential for the benefit of your child and as well as you as a parent. Same is true when you are choosing an outfit as one of your presents to a baby.

  • Fabric. It is always the number one rule that baptism outfits should be the ones that give most comfort to your baby. The choice of fabric depends upon the climate. If it is cold, silk is a good idea. On the other hand, it is better to get a cotton outfit if it is hot.
  • Color. White is the standard color of the clothes in a baptismal rite, as it symbolizes innocence and purity. However, you may choose other colors that you think represents your child well. Other common colors for baptism outfits are baby blue and baby pink.
  • Style. You have the option of getting plain and simple baptism gowns for your baby or gowns with a lot of details. Just make sure that when you get a detailed one like those with laces, ribbons, and embroidery, it will not make your baby uncomfortable and itchy. And also, when you check for designs, it is a nice idea to look for one that matches the occasion. Like for example an outfit embroidered with a cross. It is an excellent choice because a cross symbolizes your religion.
  • Fit. It is important to know the right measurement of your baby in terms of choosing clothes for him or her. It is a favor to your baby that the outfit is neither too loose nor too tight.

So once you have the perfect baptism outfit for your baby, then you can start sending out invitations or cards and wait for that holy day to come. A parent that presents a perfect outfit for the baby baptism is a wonderful gift that a child can receive. It will not only store good memories, but it can be a symbol of love as well.


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