How To Know Popular Catalogs for Men's Clothing

Fashion is not gender sensitive. Although oftentimes people attribute fashion to women's clothing needs, men these days are also getting caught by the fashion craze. The rise of metrosexual men in the advent of the 21st century was partly responsible for arousing the shopping-maniac nature hidden deep inside each and every man. Hence, high profile fashion brands nowadays feature special catalogs exclusive for men's clothing needs. Here are some of the renowned fashion labels for men that have long proven their superiority in the fashion industry:

  1. Paul Frederick - This worldwide fashion label used to dwell in several department stores, but due to its growing clientele, it began to expand its clothing business online through its direct home deliveries. Paul Frederick is now considered as the one-stop shop particularly when it comes to men's fashions like formal and business attires. Their fashion catalog features a range of designer clothes such as men's suits, sweaters, accessories, trousers and a whole lot more. What makes Paul Frederick's fashion catalogs even more enticing are its generous offers, one of which is free shipping for wholesale or retail orders that are over $40.
  2. Bachrach - This century old fashion brand is highly known for its so-called "menswear experience" that is tailored from European menswear fashion aesthetics. Its high product quality is the main reason why this fashion label has endured all these years and has maintained a strong customer base from all over the world. The brand is aiming to reach out to all men who desire to look strong, confident, urbane and sharp. They customize suits, vests and other clothing patterns in order to perfectly meet the standards of its customers. Bachrach might be deemed as a highly expensive brand, but the good thing is, it constantly offers sale items as much as "buy-one-take-one" bargains making it very cheap. Therefore, there is no reason not to buy the latest Bachrach men's apparel.
  3. Norm Thompson - For the past six decades, Norm Thompson has always strived to live up to its famous tagline, "Escape from the Ordinary" because this slogan cemented their status in the fashion industry. Unlike other fashion catalogs that exclusively offer formal wear, this mail order company has a range of men's wear products from business casual items to sleep wear, watches, shoes and even wedding bands—all with the same unique Norm Thompson touch! Their online fashion catalog is also a big help to its clients because they have a special system wherein customers can seek professional style advice such when putting together outfits and the clothes that are suitable for specific body types.

Fashion is constantly evolving; therefore, shopping catalogs help in providing fashion conscious individuals with the latest news about the trendiest cuts and styles. With men joining the fashion bandwagon in this new millennium, there is no doubt that we will see an increase in catalog shopping in the coming years, which would definitely push for more demand in men's clothing. It is highly convenient to shop by browsing fashion catalogs online because there is no need to consume gas to drive to the nearest store or boutique and it especially saves busy working men their precious time.


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