Popular Designer Handbag Models

If you know the principles of good design, you can easily recognize the difference between quality, genuine work and cheap knock-offs. Are you craving and salivating for that LV, Fendi or Dior logo and wishing that for your birthday someone will be generous enough to give you a designer handbag worth showing off to your friends? Join the club. You have probably been wondering when you can get your hands on your own handbag that displays those designer labels and thinking that you might not get the chance if you don't win the lottery. After all, these handbags are signs of wealth and a status symbol for the woman who owns a handbag with that designer logo. Below are three of the top woman's brand/label for elegant and popular designer handbags.

  1. Louis Vuitton - Louis Vuitton is a French luxury fashion and leather goods company founded in 1854 with headquarters in Paris, France. LV is regarded as one of the leaders in designer brands. This designer brand does not come cheap. It has totally monogrammed bags, which are priced at around US $1,000 and up. LV's handbag lines range from evening clutches, shoulder bags and totes, top handles to the work bags. For more information regarding LV handbag and prices, check out www.louisvuitton.com.
  2. Christian Dior - Dior was a very influential French fashion designer who has made his name as one of the most respected brands to this day. CD ladies handbag lines are divided into these categories: Latest styles, Icons and Classics, Dior signature and logo, small bags and pouches, which include the "Pink Dior Ultimate Pouch" (elegant pink purse in patent leather which can become your best friend), and evening bags. Go to www.dior.com for more information on CD handbag products.
  3. Fendi - Fendi is actually an Italian house that is known for its "baguette handbags." In 1925, Fendi was launched initially in Rome as a leather and fur shop. Today it is known as a multinational company known for its luxury goods brand owned by the LVMH group with the erstwhile Karl Lagerfeld as its creative director. Fendi actually has a lot of lines dedicated to handbags and they are such a sight to behold. They make you want to own one yourself. Fendi has its classical bags and leather goods collection of hobo bags, wallets, clutches and others. Go to www.fendi.com to get more information on their designer bag lines.

Popular designer handbags are every woman's friend and every man's enemy (if he is buying the bag). Handbags such as those mentioned above are really made to cater to an exclusive market of wealthy people. These designer handbags cost a fortune but it seems like they are well worth their price and of course the prestige of owning one is so tempting. Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Christian Dior are some of the most expensive brands out there - but they also declare that nothing but the best quality goes into the making of each bag so maybe it is worth it.  Online design courses can help you decide which bags are created with care and which ones have been made by cutting corners.

Who knows, maybe for your next birthday you will get that designer handbag you have been dreaming of.


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