Popular Styles for Formal Shirts

Do you ever turn the pages of history books and discover the clothing of great kings and nobles? Kings, like Louis IX, were donned in expensive furs and ermine coats, while their heads were covered with peacock feathers. Fashion has changed since formal wear became predominant to status symbols.

In fact, the style of noble families cut the ribbon of the runways' collection of formal shirts and inspired the creation of more sophisticated clothes known as formal wear. The bulging sleeves of emperors and kings have motivated modern designers to accentuate the design that suits today's corporate professionals. Today, formal shirts and men's designer suits have replaced the Noble's close-fitting garment and puffed sleeve. In terms of formal wear, modern professionals need not wear lavish furs and golden silk; only the brevity of character and divineness of clothing makes them respected persons.

Have you been a fashion victim in your own corporate office? Do you find it hard to mix and match your formal shirts? You'd better read this article thoroughly and learn the popular styles for formal shirts so that in the next luncheon meeting, you will have your tailored shirt worn the right way!

  1. Tuxedo shirts - Tuxedo shirts are made from fine fibers and 100% cotton. These materials reduce the wrinkles from forming, because these shirts are sported during formal events. And when it comes to popular styles for men, there are three collar styles meant to attract attention. The wing collar is the traditional style that requires a firmly pressed necktie. The laydown style is the most popular style; it almost appears as a daily dress shirt for men in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, boys would love to wear this crosswick shirt, primarily because the shirt doesn't need a tie. Crosswick shirts have wide pleats in front, making them the trendiest and most formal among the three. Choosing between pleated vs. non-pleated? The pleats give a more formal look and sophistication to your tuxedo compared to those without pleats. Tuxedo shirts also exude elegance when adorned with buttons and French cuffs.
  2. French cuff shirts - French cuffs have been popular formal wear for a long time. These shirts create timeless appeal and formality to men's clothing. Executives, who wear French cuffs look dazzling without the effort. French cuff shirts have an extra layer of garment, known as a cuff, folded back in your wrist. The French cuff has a lengthier cuff than ordinary shirt cuffs. In Europe and UK, the cuff called "monkey's fist" is popular both for women and men. Ladies' cuff shirts are usually ornamented with buttons, while the cuffs are already sewn to the shirt, so there's no need to fold the cuff.
  3. Men's designer suits - If you spend, let's say, $670-$900 for custom made shirts, then why not invest on the latest collection of Dolce & Gabbana and Dior Homme? Or, if you're opting for something a little less expensive, a lot of designer brands offer incredible suits at much lower prices. Buying designer suits will change your whole work perspective and people will be in awe of you for that Armani or Vuitton black, velvety suit. Lately, you'll find some paparazzi taking pictures of you in a hot Paul Smith suit.


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